Worship Leader

They call my son the worship leader. He sings the loudest, knows all the words, and beams when he is asked to help lead the rest of the class in the songs. Hearing these words from the children’s teacher at our church filled my heart with so much joy and love for my son. To know he is not only growing in his faith at church but is thriving is an amazing feeling as a parent. I love that he is helping to bring joy to his classmates as well.

Maybe he’ll even end up with a talent neither hubby or I have, the ability to carry a tune.

What I also loved about this conversation I had with the teacher was these people who see my kid every Sunday really know him. He isn’t just some nameless face in the crowd. They do know his name and his personality. When he is “not himself” they notify me with an honest, concerned tone in their voice. I’m glad to know that the people who are taking care of him for the hour and a half every Sunday, really care about him.

So I give three cheers and a big hooray to my future worship leader and to churches and children ministry teachers that truly care about the kids!

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