What’s Your Color Quotient?


I recently became aware of a great line of games and toys from an innovative company, Fat Brain Toys.  The background on the company is kind of fun – they started out as an online retailer, carrying the top specialty brands and featuring the newest products.  However, even with the thousands of skus that they carry, they were still asked for products which they did not have simply because no such products existed.  Scouring trade shows for such customer requests turned up nothing.  So they decided, if we can’t find it, we will make it ourselves.  And thus began the wholesale division of Fat Brain Toys.

What that story reveals is that their line of products is innovative and unique.  They have no reason to knock of existing toys, they are simply filling the gap where products did not exist.  The result is a fun group of games and toys that get you thinking outside of the box and featuring people’s different strengths.  For example, what quickly became a family favorite in this household, is the game Palette.  With graphic designing husband and two kids that attend a charter art school, it is no surprise that as a group we gravitated to this brightly colored box to see what was inside.

Palette is a fun memory game and way different from any memory game you have every played before.  Each player receives a plastic palette with 6 spaces for colors.  The object of the game is to fill one’s palette before his / her opponents.  This is done by taking a color from the game’s draw bag and having 5 seconds to memorize it.  At the end of the five seconds, the player turns it over and starts hunting through the game’s color wheels in search of a color match.  If the match is found, the player adds the color card to his or her palette.  If it is not, the color is placed back in the draw bag and the next player goes.  While every color is different, they are very similar to colors on different wheels.  As Fat Brain Toys says it is “A chromatic challenge for the visually discerning.” And with that being said, we know why my husband beats me every time.

I love this game because the concept is easy but the game is challenging.  It draws on skills that are not featured in many games.  We so often try to challenge our children with math and language arts, it is great to have a game that allows kids that have visual arts skills to shine.  I am not alone in my thinking – the game has won The Parents Magazine Toy of the Year 2011, Parents’ Choice Recommended Award 2011, National Association for Gifted Children Award 2011, and Creative Child Game of the Year 2011.

Ages 6+


Available at:

Game Master, 24155 Laguna Hills Mall, #1530, Laguna Hills, CA 92653   (949) 457-0290

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