What’s to come at Whole Foods Laguna Niguel

WOW! You are in for a tasty treat when Whole Foods opens their doors in Laguna Niguel on May 16th at 9am! The first 300 people to walk through the door will receive a free baguette. Not only will you be welcomed into Laguna Niguel’s first certified organic market, but you will be exposed to a large selection of healthy products from local farmers.

Make your first stop at the Bakery and Coffee Department and say hello to Xavier – the mastermind baker from France. Trust me, it is some of the most delicious bread you will ever taste! Everything is baked on site with the highest quality ingredients and whole grain flours. Not only will Whole Foods offer daily fresh baked, but they also have coffee that is roasted daily as well. And for all of you who prefer not to mix your organic coffee grinds with conventional ones, they will clean the grinder for you so you can be guaranteed the freshest cleanest organic coffee in town! Now that is service.

The Whole Body department, comprised of everything that is good for the mind, body, and soul, will showcase local vendors such as Smart Girls who Surf, Hero Nutritionals, Adia Nutritional, MRM Metabolic Supplements, Backyard Bees, Evan Healy Skincare, and Aroma natural candles. These products smell good, feel good, and actually ARE good.

There is a lot of confusion about what “natural” actually means, but you won’t have to worry about in Whole Foods Market because they have set the bar high with their premium body care standards. With close to 30+ years of experience and 6+ years of scientific research, Whole Foods stepped up to give customers something to count on. Dwight, the local forager for Whole Foods Market, is the talent scout for local flavor. He not only cares about the local businesses out there, he wants to help them get into the marketplace and grow! And of course, he has criteria too. The products must be grown, raised, landed (seafood), and made in Orange County to be truly considered local. Dwight has been working with local businesses to stock Whole Foods, while making sure to not undermine the small business.

The countdown is on! Whole Foods Market will be opening their doors in just a few short days and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

This has been a guest article by, Tammi Ameli. Tammi is a dedicated vegan and mother of three incredibly busy children. While she spends most of her time cooking up fun new recipes for her family, she loves scrapbooking, anything Disney, and running.

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