Mommy iMoments

By Noel Besuzzi

Mommy iMoments

What to do with those iPhone Pictures?

It is no secret that I love taking pictures with my iPhone.

Better yet, I am slightly obsessed with Instagram. But although it is fun taking pictures of my family, it is sad when they stay on my phone, and never get printed. I mean who prints photos anymore in this digital age? Right?

I do.

Any company that plans on making it easier on me to print these pictures is greatly appreciated. That is how I came to write about Keepsy.

So, my office had a big wall, and my plan was to make a collage of all my favorite Instagram photos to put up in a off the shelf frame from Aaron Brothers. As it turns out. Printstagram offers the exact product I planned on making, and it took all of 2 minutes to put it together and order it. Something that would have taken at least an hour on Photoshop. Much like the Keepsy albums that use your online images, Printstagram had me log into my instagram account, and select the images I wanted to add into my collage. Then, Viola!

In less than a week, my idea was put into my home. A far cry from all my pins on pinterest sitting in my head.

And, these generous people at Printstagram have offered THREE OC Family readers free posters. All you have to do is tag your photos on instagram with these two hashtags:

#mommyimomments and #socialps

and you will automatically be entered to win this awesome prize. I have to say, I am a bit jealous of all of you, or should find a way to enter on my own!

So spread the word, love and happy printing!

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