Sunset Flying Tour – 25% Discount for OCFamily Readers

My Saturday night was just like any other. I boarded a six-person plane just to take a little sunset tour around Los Angeles. We flew for about an hour, looking down on landmarks (and the little people) from vantages previously unseen, whilst sipping chilled champagne. (See below for a OCFamily discount).

How did I get such good fortune? Well, I could tell you in 17 syllables. A Facebook friend and Jet Blue employee held a haiku contest, and three of her most word-crafty friends earned a spot on the flight. I was elated to find out I was one of the winners, all the while I was saying to myself in my most sarcastic internal monologue “I just knew that college poetry class would pay off.”

The plane takes off out of Sky Harbor in Long Beach, literally steps from the Long Beach Airfield. We arrived and were escorted into the offices where our capable pilot, Gary, went over the route, safety features and paperwork.
From there, we walked out the back door where our chariot awaited.

The Flight

We boarded the Cessna 206; there was no TSA agent getting handsy with me (damn), and I didn’t even have to take the change out of my pocket. In fact we were allowed to bring liquids more than 3.4 oz (750 ml, to be exact). Within minutes, we were taxi-ing on the runway, rolling past military C-17s and taking priory on the runway over a Jet Blue flight.

My gracious benefactor was at the controls; As a part of any of the flight packages, one of the participants gets to be the captain and fly the plane.  She wasn’t left to her own devices.  Rather, our pilot showed her what to do; she did, and we were air-bound within seconds.

Our travels took us over Long Beach up to downtown L.A., Dodger Stadium and Hollywood, and if not for the fog, we would have circled to the port side (left) to the Santa Monica pier and taken the coast home. 

The “Sunset Tour” is just one of many of the packages at Sunset Flying. Everyone loves the fireworks at Disneyland, but have you ever wanted to see the fireworks at Disney from a Bird’s Eye view? Sunset Flying is the only company with FAA clearance for sightseeing flights over the Disneyland Resort and Anaheim Stadium Fireworks shows.

Safety Concerns?

If you’re afraid of small planes, you shouldn’t be. First, a plane is, mile-per-mile, about 62 times safer than a car. These planes have backup systems for just about everything. They have two batteries, two alternators, two gas tanks and four navigation systems. The pilot has more than 4,000 hours at the helm, which is important when you consider that most small craft mishaps are caused operator error, not instruments or equipment failure. Factoring the data, “fear of flight” is more irrational than the Kardashians’ fame.

Secondly, the uneasiness you may have flying in a jet is not there in a smaller plane.  There’s something about being able to see what’s going on in front and around you that helps your body cope with the motion.  Your vestibular system (inner ear) calculates angular and linear motion, and it is the incongruity of these senses that cause motion sickness. If you get nausea reading in a car, that’s caused by the spatial disorientation, or more simply, the expectation of your eyes that you are stationary (looking at a static page) versus the sensors in your inner ear telling you otherwise.

25% OC Family Discount

These two-and-a-half hour flight experiences are $599 for 2-4 people, and kids as young as 5-years-old can fly the plane (stay tuned for a follow up post). Sunset Flying has graciously agreed to give a 25% discount for any tour booked by June 30, 2012. Just use the discount code OCFAMILY when booking your flight.

A Sunset Flying adventure will be ultimately be much more memorable than a Pump-it-Up party, and much more thoughtful than a flowers and chocolate (though, those wouldn’t hurt either). This really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people. If you’re lucky, you might get to fly in a personal aircraft, but how and when are you going to have the opportunity to be the captain and actually fly it? The answer to how is below, and you can choose the “when.”

Please visit for more information, and don’t forget to mention OCFAMILY to get your discount. To book a flight or to discuss options with Gary or any of his crew, please call 866-759-3672.  Bon Voyage!

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