Routine is good…right?

We are getting back into the normal routine today and it’s hard. Hubby is back to work, my son goes back to preschool, and even my son’s city class starts back today. Mornings are back to moving quickly with lots of multitasking to get us all out the door in time. It’s the 3rd day in January and the calendar is already filling up with hubby’s work appointments, school functions, and other obligations. We packed up the Christmas decorations yesterday and now the house seems so plain and uninteresting. It will feel like this for at least a week or two.

Hubby has been off of work for a week and a half and let me tell you I have gotten used to having an extra pair of hands helping with the boys during the day. The past week my family has lived in pajamas and we have only taken showers when necessary. We watched movies, played tons of games, visited the park about a billion times, and I have all loved every minute of this wonderful, beautiful, fun filled family time. But this all ends today.

It’s sad because we had so much fun and had so much relaxation, yet I am telling myself it’s also good because it’s the normal, daily routine that makes these special weeks that much more special. What would I rather do then get back in our routine today? I would love the endless days in our pajamas to continue, my hubby could be home with us all the time, the boys could go to school I guess but only for a few hours, and then they must return to our sanctuary of relaxation. Of course that can’t happen all the time; that can’t be our new routine because we aren’t independently wealthy.

So as much as I am not looking forward to sending my hubby off to work, or dropping my son off at preschool, or going to my other son’s city class I am convincing myself it’s time that things got back to normal. I am sure it’s time for our routine to start up again.Routine is good; that is what everyone says. Routine is good…right?

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