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Opening Night: How To Train Your Dragon live at The Honda Center

The How To Train Your Dragon live Spectacular is a never-before-seen U.S. production that opened Thursday and only runs for seven shows through Sunday at The Honda Center. We went, we saw, the kids were slayed (so to speak). Here’s a look from the night. In a nutshell: Poetic music. Cinematic visuals. Strong story. And the dragons were massive. This shot below is from the end of the evening, as the show wrapped.

The event, which was critically acclaimed in Australia and New Zealand, was produced by the storytellers at DreamWorks Animation, and Global Creatures, the masterminds behind the international phenomenon Walking with Dinosaurs, the #1 grossing world tour of 2010.

The show features more than a dozen dragons, some with wingspans of up to 46 feet, as well as Viking warriors and circus artists and acrobats.

Here’s a quick live look from the night (pardon the kid-head popping in frame):


Jan 18, 2013 | Quick live look from last night’s How To Train Your Dragon live @hondacenter #dragonsoc (view from suites) by DebbieLavdas on

Now do I know how the dragons did all those wild puppetry movements and the technical wizardry of the magnetic floor and more? I haven’t the slightest. Which makes it all the more fantastical really. My kids also saw the Dinos Spectacular in 2010 and said that they liked this better–I think that’s because they’d seen the Dragon movie and could follow the story easily.

If you’re thinking about going, get on it, as the shows are selling out fast. They just added more seats yesterday, but who knows how long they’ll last.

Also, if you get a chance to catch the show, or any Honda Center events really, from the Suites there, it makes for a very fun evening with four families. We had the chance to sit Suite-side with the OC Family gang and the kids had so much fun all hanging out together. (Photo below courtesy from the lovely Shelby Barone, as her and Suz Broughton‘s girl and my daughter dressed my babe up.)

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