My First Week Back

Last week was my first week back to work and it was…ummm…good. It really was good but also very strange and gave me mixed butterfly feelings. I loved catching up with old friends, meeting new people that I am sure will be friends, and getting comfortable in my new digs.

Pretty nice office huh? I have a window too! YAY! Anyone in the workforce knows how valuable a window is and how much it can  change the outlook of your day.

Plus, my boss made me these wonderful signs, which I can not express how amazing and loved they made me feel. Let me just say that if you are a manager reading this blog it is truly the little, thoughtful things that can make the hugest difference in how your employees see you. This little gesture makes me want to work 10x harder for her because I know how much she values me.

Back to my emotions. Last week was also fun because I was thinking about things besides diapers, play dates, and cooking. Now don’t miss understand, being a stay at home mom is HARD! So hard in fact that I know work can not throw anything at me which I won’t be able to handle, because I was a SAHM. But one of the reason I did want to go back was because I wanted more to think about, other than my boys. Sounds awful to say but true. So that is good, stressful, and a little scary but good.

Last week was partly bad though. Bad because getting into a new routine is hard. Bad because I was very overwhelmed being back at work after two years at home. Bad because I was stressed out getting home in time to make dinner and still having a clean house. But mainly it was bad because I missed my boys. I missed seeing their faces all day long, tucking them into bed for naps, and getting cuddles throughout the day.

How were the boys, you ask? Besides being a little sick they were absolutely fine. They were stoked to get to play at grandpa and grandma’s house most of the time, plus they get to play at their best buddy’s house now too. They pretty much told me not to let the door hit me on the way out. I tell you what, all this mom guilt I heap on myself is entirely unjustified. The boys are fine, more than fine they are great. I need to get over my guilt.

So overall a successful first week with mixed emotions from me, which I suspect I will feel for a few months. None the less I feel very confident about working and that this is the right decision for my family and I.

Wish me luck on week two!

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