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By Jennifer Broas

Crash Test Mommy

My Favorite Holiday

Spring has arrived! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and one of my favorite holidays is almost here. When you have kids, holidays come alive with excitement. The wonder in their eyes is a priceless moment for all SLRs to capture. Décor at my home changes ever-so-slightly and it’s fun to bring in a new look, though this is the extent of my spring décor.

I enjoy finding the nearest local holiday event to add to our schedule as well. Watching my daughter enjoy each event brings joy to my soul. Along with all that media portrays as a must for holidays, we have made it a priority in our home to teach the true meaning of each holiday and not get caught up in the “keep up with the Jones” mentality. That being said, Easter is right around the corner and I have an excellent board book to recommend for the littles. It is the perfect way to teach them about the true meaning of Easter.

It’s a short read, perfect for bedtime stories. This book is full of fun illustrations that will capture the hearts and minds of a child.  After reading the book to my daughter for the first time, she proceeded to read through it on her own narrating it for us. The Easter story can be difficult for a young child to comprehend, yet this book is written in very simple terms. Children just get it. Must be that child-like faith.

It’s full of rhyming text; The Story of Easter is a simple introduction for young children and adults to read together. It’s written by Fiona Boon & illustrated by Lara Ede.

You can pick up this book on Amazon. Click here to find it.

Enjoy the beginning of spring, the coloring of eggs, the hunting of those eggs, but don’t miss out on the meaning of this special holiday. He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!

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