Losin It With Carrie

By Carrie Braun

Losin It With Carrie

More Hunchback than Tinkerbell

I was all raring and ready to go.  It was Jan 1st, my resolutions were safely tucked into nicely sized columns on my Excel spreadsheet, I had written out my workouts on the calendar and stocked up on healthy foods.  I went to an hour and a half kickboxing class so intense I could barely lower myself onto the couch without groaning.  I was starting out right.

Jan 2 I got sick.  It was sick-achy on top of post-workout-achy and exhausted and miserable.  Recovered nicely on Wednesday, came home Thursday from work vomiting through Friday.  Quarantined through the weekend.  Gnarly.

In the haze of round-robin sickness that enveloped my family for a week, we barely left the house to re-stock up on Ritz crackers and Sprite.  It’s taken the last few days to even get enough energy stockpiled to take a walk longer than to the bathroom and back. 

So you get it.  I’ve been sick.  I didn’t kick off the New Year like I wanted to. Despite being sick, the scale still reads the same annoying number that it did on Dec. 31.  Its frusterating.

Cue last night.  I actually FELT like going for a run.  And since I’ve completely abandoned my training plan for the Disneyland Neverland 5K coming up this month, I knew I needed to hop back on the proverbial horse and get moving if I have any hope of finishing.  Suited up, stroller locked and loaded with 60 lbs of child, I headed out for what I’d hoped would be an easy mile.

I wish this was the part where I told you how great I felt.  How my feet were gliding over the sidewalk and the stroller felt like pushing a cloud full of down feathers and puppies.  That instead of 1 mile, I breezed through 3 and now have every confidence in my 5K abilities.

Well, it sucked.  I shuffled and tripped and breathed awkwardly heavily.  The few times that passing headlights shone my shadow onto the sidewalk beside me, I looked more Hunchback than Tinkerbell.  I kid you not when I tell you that a man on a motorized scooter flew past me. 

But I finshed.  A mile.  Then I walked a little so I didn’t sound like I’d just completed a triathalon when I walked back through the door.

Instead of feeling discouraged at a difficult run, I decided to be proud of myself for getting out there and move on.  I wrote down my little “1″ on my workout calendar spreadsheet, and I’ll try again tomorrow.

Here’s to hoping that some of that Disney magic kicks in at the 5K.  I promise a whole post-run report- good, bad or inbetween!

How do you stay motivated after being out of the game for a little while, and how do you recover from a bad workout?

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