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By Kara-Noel Lawson

Kara-Noel Lawson

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Making an Ugly Box Pretty

Happy New Year friends!!

It’s time to organize all that clutter. Use inexpensive (yet sturdy) bankers boxes to get your home into shape…

DIY bankers box storage system entry

You’ll need: Bankers box, 12×12 pretty paper, spray adhesive, razor blade, glue, craft letters (optional)

supplies for DIY bankers box storage system

Spray. Attach paper. Cut handle. Decorate. Enjoy!

DIY bankers box storage system finished

Coming soon:

Valentines Day Crafts!

Kara-Noel has been “crafting” since she could hold a glue gun! When she isn’t hanging with her Hubby, chasing down her four kiddos (1-6 years old!) or napping you’ll find her blogging at Eli’s Lids The Blog or working on her business Every Moment Clothing! Follow her on twitterFacebook andPinterest. Like right now!

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