Crafty Chatter in the OC

By Pauline Molinari

Crafty Chatter in the OC

Make Your Holiday Wishlist as a Family

I recently posted a quick and easy jewelry organizer craft using mini clothespins and a picture frame and used them to display my handmade necklaces for sale at the recentĀ Mission Viejo Holiday Gifts & Goodies Boutique. The necklaces were a hit, and so were the organizers. One customer actually asked how much was I selling them for. Another customer told me how she had recently used mini clothespins on a ribbon to make a hanging Christmas wishlist for her daughter. I knew I had to try and make one of my own for the whole family. And here is what I did:

First I gathered a variety of craft supplies. The main supplies needed are really thick ribbon, dowel rods, glue gun, yarn or thin ribbon for hanging, and mini clothespins. The additional supplies are all for decoration and personalization, like jingle bells, various holiday picks, initial letters, etc.

Then the rest is assembly. First you will need to attach ribbon on your dowel rod. You can do a separate one for each person in your family, or you can do like me and hang a ribbon per family member on one dowel rod. I cut three lengths of wide ribbon at 48″ each in different colors and I used a glue gun to fold over and attach them to the dowel. You could also use a sewing machine and do a quick stitch at the top.

So as to allow the ribbons to hang straight, I attached a second dowel rod at the bottom of the ribbons. This was the trickiest part. I wanted to make sure the ribbons hung at the same length. I used large clothespins to hold the ribbon on the dowel rods and laid it on a long kitchen bench until I was ready to decorate and personalize.

After you have that accomplished, it is time to personalize your family wishlist and add the clothespins. I added some holiday decorative picks on either side and glued to secure. I tied a pretty white fluffy yarn at the top to make the hanger, and added a string of fun colored jingle bells. And I glued on an initial letter for each person in my family to personalize each ribbon wishlist.

I then attached mini clothespins all down the whole length of the ribbon about 6″ apart from each other, and finished off with decorating the bottom dowel rod. I added another string of jingle bells at the bottom to add weight and allow the ribbon wishlists to hang nicely. I hung from our living room closet door, and the wishing began!

My tween couldn’t wait to start adding things to her list. She cut pictures out of magazines or catalogs, and wrote wishlist items on small pieces of paper. I remember as a kid scouring over the ginormous Sears catalog and picking out my Christmas list. This ribbon wishlist craft is a fun way to make your wish visible, interactive, and a fun family activity.

I’m hoping all of your holiday wishes come true this year. Thanks for reading, and happy crafting!

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