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Carrie Braun

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Kettlebells and Callouses

They’re super simple.  To some, they may look like a weapon or a medieval torture device.

It’s an exercise tool called a kettlebell. My workout buddy. It’s essentially a cannon ball with a thick metal handle on top that you swing and press and use in a variety of moves that challenge you (and torture you- maybe that medieval thing wasn’t so far off!).

For the last 11 months I’ve been throwing these bad boys around, and it has absolutely changed my body.  Never before have I felt so… capable. That may be an odd word to use, but using the kettlebell has required me to push myself beyond my comfortable limit almost daily.  Looking at this 44 lb. ball of metal, my mind never thinks, ‘You can easily pick that up and swing it around!’ Yet that’s exactly what I do every morning.

I have the callouses to prove it.

Want to see a kettlebell workout in action? Check out the segment below of Time Warner Cable’s “Get Fit” featuring my trainer (the only person in the world I get up at 5am to see every morning) Paul Daniels from The Body Warehouse. Part 1 shows more of our workout, Part 2 tells a little of my story.

The Body Warehouse- Part1

The Body Warehouse- Part2

Looking to challenge yourself in a way you never have before and become stronger than you ever thought possible? Contact The Body Warehouse today!

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