Jesus’s Birthday Recap

My family seriously had the best Christmas; it’s so sad that the celebration is over already. The boys got way too many toys, so many in fact we could probably donate them all to a small country and every child there would have one of their very own.

My family, my brother’s family, my great-grandma, and my parents start the fun on Christmas Eve when we all gather at my parent’s house for dinner and presents. A big part of the fun was tracking Santa on the NORAD website. Tracking Santa gets better every year, it’s truly amazing, and the kids just eat it up.

There is nothing more magical or beautiful than watching five kids (my brother has three kids) open presents. The excitement in their eyes and the joy in their smiles is worth everything in the world.

Christmas morning at our house was a celebration of Jesus’s birth. We had balloons, presents, and my oldest even had a party hat.

We had special Christmas breakfast made up of chocolate chip Mickey Mouse pancakes (my hubby’s specialty). Oh and how cute does my son look in this picture? Ridiculously cute I would say!!

We had cupcakes for Jesus, sang happy birthday to him, and blew out candles. Note: I am not the best baker so the cupcakes didn’t look super pretty but let me tell you they tasted great and that is all that really matters!

Christmas evening we went to my in-laws for more yummy food and presents…wearing a Goofy Santa hat of course

Hubby and I did our best to keep the focus on Jesus that day and though it was hard, in light of all the presents and Santa, I think we did a pretty good job.

I hope you had a wonderful, magical, fun-filled Christmas!

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