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Hi everybody, my name is Jackie Skeris, Yoga Mom, and I am the mommy of two active little boys, the wife of a handsome and athletic hubby, the owner of a growing yoga studio, a teacher of yoga and music, a daughter, sister, and friend.  Like many OC Moms, my life is a balancing act — it’s no wonder I found respite on a yoga mat.  I’m so excited to be sharing yoga and mommy moments with you all, and how I use my yoga practice to help me find balance in my life. 

Getting a Fresh Perspective, Photo by Mali Workman Photography

Yoga, like parenting, is a lifelong “practice.” Everyday we must make a commitment to begin again and do our very best job, even when it’s 6 a.m., class starts at 7 a.m., and Mr. tiny pants spills orange juice all over his — sowe mommy — pants. Yoga has made me a better mom.
It has also made me stronger in every way: more able to laugh off the little things, envision the grand things, and have the gift of fully experiencing the present things. Teaching is just an extension of my commitment to unravel that same gift for others, and show them how to Downward-facing-dog their strength off the mat into their daily lives. 

Yoga builds strength and improves balance

Toe Stand in the Canyon, photo by Mali Workman Photography

Sharing my passion for yoga and parenting, I hope to inspire others to pause and breath when life spills juice all over your plans.
Some things you should know about me in no particular order…
1. I wear yoga clothes pretty much all the time
2. I refer to non-yoga clothes as “street clothes” (see #1)
3. I love all things coconut — water, milk, oil, yogurt, and coffee creamer
4. I breathe deeply and slowly when I’m stressed, an oceanic sounding breath called “ujjayi pranayama,” a yogic technique that increases lung capacity and regulates blood pressure
5. Two items you will never find me without: Emergen-C and a protein bar
6. I love glass containers: water bottles, food storage containers, mixing bowls –this goes hand in hand with my somewhat irrational fear of all things plastic
7. I find that yoga is a mysterious practice in many ways, for how it can affect someone positively after just one class, and I love learning and teaching others about those little elements that make it so fascinating: the stretching, the “Om”-ing, the breathing, the Sanskrit…
8. My studio is called: Balance Yoga –any surprise there?
9. I don’t have it all figured out, but I know that a good cup of organic herbal tea before bedtime will help me dream up the answers, and if I don’t, I Wikipedia like everybody else
10. I’m fascinated by how easy we forget that life’s a journey, like yoga, not a destination
So I hope you’ll check back in and follow my blog as I share moments from my life and hope to inspire you all to stop, breathe and live in the present, where our children live.
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