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By Suzanne Dorton Broughton

Editor's Blog

Hello! We are now coming to you with your OC Register!

A great family resource at your doorstep.

In the morning my mom and dad gather the Orange County Register from their driveway, lay it out on the table before them and methodically go through it, section by section. For more than 20 years it’s been as much a part of their morning routine as a cup of coffee, and they have taken note of the recent changes.

“I just love what you’re doing with the Register!” my mom told me. She’s been delighted with the expanded coverage and redesign, and of course it’s all my doing. Like any good mom, she credits me with all of the positive changes that recently have infused the OC Register with new life.

Though I’d like to take all of the credit for the paper’s transformation, my role is limited to OC Register Family magazine. Publisher Aaron Kushner is the man leading the about-face of our county’s paper by pouring in the resources, hiring more reporters, redesigning the community papers and adding a weekly glossy magazine to subscribers’ growing benefits.
That’s where I come in, Mom.

In this, our 15th year of publication, OC Family magazine – now OC Register Family – begins to be delivered atop the Orange County Register once a month. We are part of a four-magazine rotation that includes OC Register Metro (formally OC Metro) and two editions of the new OCR Magazine, which will stylishly highlight the lifestyle, fashion and people of Orange County.

Fresh off receiving the Bronze Award for General Excellence from the prestigious Parenting Magazine Association, we plan to continue our coverage of parenting issues that impact Orange County moms and dads, and we’ve expanded our content to include an At Home section (“Celebrate spring with a garden party,” Page 50), more teen-focused coverage with the addition of Dr. Jim Burns (Confident Parenting, Page 32) as a columnist for Teen Years and an additional feature story. Subscribers also will see more current topics — including articles on single parenting, homeschooling and talking to your kids about sex – beginning in this issue with demystifying the digital world of our kids (page 81).

“We are here to serve our community first,” Kushner told a room filled with Register employees during a recent town hall meeting. That’s our mission and that’s what folks like my mom see in the pages of their beloved newspaper.

I’ll keep up the good work, Mom, (with a little help from the other hundreds of people here at the Orange County Register).

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