Getting out of a Rut

We people are funny creatures.  We love our routines, and familiarity feels so nice.  But inevitably, we grow bored and frustrated and feel like we’ve gotten stuck in a rut.  Sometimes, these feelings are harmless and those ruts are our healthy routines, but sometimes those ruts can be more destructive.  Late night snacking that is causing unhealthy weight gain.  Reality TV addictions.  Gossiping.  Trying to keep up with the Jones’s.

In yoga, habits and thought patterns are called samskara.  Samskara is the the sum total of all our actions that conditions us to behave in a certain way.  Think of it as a groove in a record if you’re from my generation:)  Sometimes we are on that endless repeat when the needle got stuck.

Samskara can be positive or negative.  Through yoga, we choose to create new and positive samskaras, rather than staying in the ruts and reinforcing the old samskara that has been limiting us.  By choosing to create positive habits and routines that honor your body, mind and spirit, upgrading your inner monologue by talking to yourself as you would a dear friend, surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded and uplifting people — you will create positive samskara.  When this new samskara is strong and powerful enough then the old negative samskara will no longer be able to affect you.

When you practice yoga, you calm and quiet the mind.  Your clear mind enables you to choose healthier patterns for yourself.  Before you know it, you will be living a more productive and healthier life.  And you just might feel like you’ve been given a fresh start at life.  I know that’s how I feel.

Opening My Heart to Fresh Possibilities

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