Crafty Chatter in the OC

By Pauline Molinari

Crafty Chatter in the OC

Get Crafty and Personalize Your Notebooks for School

It’s back to school time! Have you gone school shopping yet for the kids? Here is is quick craft that will get the kids excited and prepped for their first day of school. With just a few crafty ingredients, they can create their own custom personalized notebooks.

Start with blank notebooks or composition books. You will need either Mod Podge, or for a glittery finish, try Elmer’s Glitter Glue. A little crafty trick is to make your own paper sealer is to combine a little water with glue. This will work with glitter glue and regular white glue. Next, grab some magazines to cut words and images from. Have scissors, brushes, and paper towels handy too.

Go through magazines and cut out phrases or pictures that you want to use to create your notebook cover collage. Plan out your design before you start gluing.

When using Mod Podge, brush on a thin coat all over the front cover of a notebook. Attach your clippings on top while Mod Podge is still wet, and apply a second coat on top of each layer. When you are happy with your crafty composition, make sure the whole front cover has a coat of Mod Podge on top, and let dry. Don’t fret, it will dry clear. = )

You can also get a cool effect using glitter glue. Mix glue and water (approximately 1:1 ratio) in a small cup and stir until it is one consistency. Use the same technique as above. Apply a coat on the front cover, add cut out images, and reapply a second coat on top. Let dry completely before using.

You can use this crafty technique for personalized journals, or sketchbooks too. Go back to school in style, and get crafty by making your own personalized notebooks!


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Happy Crafting!


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