Finding Balance

A friend recently commented that she had misplaced her Super Mom cape.  I chuckled as I read her post –boy, could I relate to that statement!  Sometimes it seems like all of us Moms must have super powers –juggling motherhood, our spouse or significant other, our homes, work, exercise, errands and all those other items on the never ending to do list.  I like to think I am pretty good at finding balance in my life, I love my job(s) and my kid(s) and my yoga practice brings me a great amount of energy and peace of mind.  But every once and a while, Super Mom gets a cold.

That was me this past week…  I realized how much I take for granted my strong body that shows up for me and takes me where I need to be 24/7.  As I reflected on the 18 hour day I had led the day prior to my cold’s onset, I realized I need to shuffle a few of my commitments to make more time for rest in my days.  Finding a better balance between work and rest, play time and quiet time, pushing to my fullest potential and enjoying life’s slower moments.

One of the primary principles of a physical yoga practice is that the asana — poses — should be both steady and light.  The way to feel complete freedom  – or lightness– in the poses, comes from being deeply rooted  –steady — in the foundation of the pose.  It’s about finding that sweet spot when everything is aligned and you feel completely balanced.

Feeling free and deeply rooted in Tree Pose, photo by Mali Workman

These same principles can serve as a fantastic blue print for how to live a balanced life.  Nurture yourself in the quiet moments so you can go out and save the day another day.  Remember to keep taking care of yourself high on your “to do” list.  Find balance.


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