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Jennifer Broas

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Double or Nothing

My family and I just returned from a trip to “sin city” so I have gambling terms on my mind. However, we are far from gamblers, unless leaving late in the afternoon from Orange County and hoping for a less than 6 hour trip to Vegas is a gamble. In our case, we lost the bet. This is how most of the trip looked.

The double I’m actually referring to is in regards to the growing family. Most growing families will eventually need to invest in a double stroller. We put it off. Then finally did our extensive research on all the options. We already have the Baby Jogger City Elite stroller, which we love. That helped narrow the choices down. We didn’t want a cheap product nor did we need the top of the line. We ended up with the Baby Jogger City Select. I’ll tell you why.



  • * Great looking sleek stroller. Almost double-deckerish. Not a double wide.
  • * Perfect for twins and siblings. From infant car seats to their own seats.
  • * Color options. Onyx, ruby, quartz, amethyst. Translation: black, red, tan, purple
  • * Storage space is massive.
  • * Very well built.
  • * Many accessory options.
  • * Comfortable. Littles love it. Get the snack trays!
  • * Folds quickly and easily. Wheels come off, if needed.
  • * Versatile. This trick stroller has 16 different ways to use it! I can easily take my two littles anywhere. Can’t wait to get a second seat when my littlest is ready!

Photo from Baby Jogger website. Watch this demo video from YouTube.


  • * Each attachment is more money. Adds up if you want everything.
  • * Heavy. When loaded with kids, diaper bags, snacks, water bottles and the iPhone, it’s a bit challenging to maneuver around corners or ups and downs.
  • * Not all infant car seats work well with the Universal car seat adaptor. We bought a new Peg Perrego infant car seat, because the Graco Snugride did not work.

Get all the details on specs and where to buy at the Baby Jogger website.

Don’t take a gamble with transporting your littles. Get the Baby Jogger City Select. You will not be disappointed. Happy shopping!


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