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Dinosaur vs. Santa

Our December issue is out! And if you turn to page 46, you’ll find my holiday selection of books. Reviewing children’s books is fun and what’s even more fun is having actual kids, usually my own, share their opinions about the books.  One of the books featured in OC FAMILY’s Holiday Issue is Dinosaur vs. Santa, a book my son Milo, age 7,  and I enjoyed.

Well, one day I asked him to draw me a picture of Dinosaur. Boy was I surprised when he not only drew Dinosaur but he wrote questions out for me to send to the author- so he could feature it in his blog. (Yes, I have his permission to use it on here too.)

Dinosaur Drawing | Milo

Here are Milo’s Interview Questions.  The author Bob Shea replied via email. His answers are below.


First, I want to say that Milo is clearly a talented artist. I think using blue for Dinosaurs outline is brilliant. Not only is dinosaur happy, he looks like he is dancing. Great!

MILO: What do you want for Christmas.

BOB: Well Milo, I have an eight year old son who loves skateboarding. Now it is very cold in the winter in Connecticut so he can’t go outside and practice. I am asking Santa for a couple of different power tools so that I can build him a skate ramp in our basement. That way he can skate all winter!

M: What inspired you to write this book.

B: That’s a great question Milo. Christmas is kind of a big deal around our house. My son always gets super excited and he loves decorating the house and getting ready for Santa. When I saw how much fun he was having I thought Dinosaur might like Christmas too.  

M: Does Dinosaur have a brother or sister?

B: Not yet he doesn’t, but you never know.  Thanks Milo, those were some terrific questions.



Win a copy of Dinosaur vs. Santa. Simply leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite Holiday family tradition. Winner will be drawn at random  and announced next week.

For comments, suggestions or general feedback about BOOKS, you can email me at bythebook.ocfamily(at)gmail(dot)com  You can also follow me on Twitter @suburbanmama. Cheers!



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