Crafty Chatter in the OC

By Pauline Molinari

Crafty Chatter in the OC

Crafty Homemade Valentine Ideas

I know it feels like we just got past the Christmas holidays, but I’ve already got a sweet tooth for Valentines crafts. I love all things homemade, and that includes homemade Valentines. Here are five super cute ideas to get your sweet creative juices flowing when it comes to saying “Be My Valentine” in unique ways.


You Must(ache) Check Out These Cute Valentines

These super cute Valentines from Plum Adorable include a free printable for this clever play on words.


Is it a a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, It’s a Super Valentine!

This really SUPER idea comes from Zakka Life, which includes a free printable for both the mask and cape that goes around a Tootsie Pop.


 Keep Your Eye On This Valentine!

Danyelle from Dandee shows off this clever and unique homemade Valentine that she made for her son, and she includes a free printable as well. Love it!


 You Will Want to Bookmark This Valentine

For the super crafty, try to make these homemade bookmarks and pair them with the free printable from Thirty Handmade Days.


Send a Rose Made Out of Celery

I love this simple, yet really creative way to make homemade Valentines. Homemade Serenity shows off how to use celery stalks as a homemade stamp dipped in red paint to make a pretty rose design.

Have fun crafting and trying out some of these LOVEly ideas!

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