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By Carrie Braun

Carrie Braun

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After completing a Whole30, what I’ve been consuming has been dramatically varied from just a few weeks ago.

I’m not talking only about food, though going from consuming the daily allowance of choclate chips enough for 5 people to elminating sugar has certainly changed me.

What I’m putting in my brain is different, too.  Surrounding myself with Paleo cookbooks and websites, happy quotes and inspiring messages competing on the fridge with my preschooler’s art projects, reading about organic meat and the 400 different ways to use coconut- filling my brain, swirling in my thoughts.  What I’m consuming is consuming me, in a very good way.

This is leading to one very big revelation- something I’d read before but never really understood until I started living it. “Everything you eat either takes you closer to or further from your goal.” That is weighty and belies responsibility. That takes what I’m consuming and puts it into practice with every thoughtful bite.

Three months ago, asking myself “Does this take me closer to my goal?” before every morsel of food would have been overwhelming.  I can see now that I really didn’t want the answer.  That same question is now freeing and encouraging.  I’m consuming the right things, and saying no to poor choices in order to say yes to my ultimate goal: a healthier me.


79 Days Wrap-Up: I wrote this post on September 16 about how my weight hadn’t changed in the last 79 days.  I vowed that 79 days from then would be different.  Well November 6 has come and gone and my fingers can’t type anything that would do justice to the feeling of accomplishment that I feel from KNOWING that I am markedly different.

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