Casey’s Cupcakes Irvine Grand Opening Celebration

On May 5th, Casey’s Cupcakes opened in the Irvine Woodbury Town Center. Pink balloons surrounded the store, as locals rushed to get treat their tastebuds to Casey’s lucious cupcakes.

The boutique cupcake store has bright splashes of pink, elegant black accents and inspirations of a classic Parisian café with a glamorous Hollywood twist. Casey’s Cupcakes will be serving 16 signature cupcake flavors, including Vivacious Vanilla, Rockin’ Red Velvet, and Marvelous Milk Chocolate, and will feature a special flavor every month. Gluten-free and sugar-free options are also available.


Casey’s Cupcakes offers cupcake decorating parties in their private party room.

Following the grand opening ceremony, visitors enjoyed a live DJ, balloon artist, special giveaways, and sweet prizes. The first 50 people to purchase cupcakes received a pink lunch tote bearing the Casey’s Cupcakes logo.

During opening week, Casey’s Cupcakes will have special offers, such as a free coffee cup of coffee every day for a week with the purchase of a Casey’s travel mug.

We had a chance to ask Casey some questions about the opening of her new store.

What made you select Irvine for your next store opening? Was there something special that drew you towards this community?

Reinhardt: We selected Irvine and the Woodbury Town Center because of its large community of families and children. Casey’s Cupcakes is a destination for everyone, an all-American experience.

Irvine is known for being home to a lot of businesses. Do you have any plans for introducing these companies to your store, or are you focusing on residential customers?

Reinhardt: We have products and services for everyone, business and residential. We have designed special packages for office celebrations, meetings and sales. We offer delivery services, birthday parties, decorate your own cupcake parties, baby showers, tea parties, wedding cakes and more. We have a dedicated team who will be working with the area businesses in order to accommodate all of their needs with sweet success!

How do you feel about opening another store? Did you have any idea when opening your first store that it would become what it is today?

Reinhardt: I feel blessed and excited to have the opportunity to continue to expand my business. When opening the first Casey’s Cupcakes location at the Historic Mission Inn in Riverside, I was optimistic and my goal was to open more locations. I am so grateful for our success and look forward to continued expansion throughout the United States and abroad.

Do you still test out recipes on your own at home? Any plans to introduce some new flavors? How much baking do you enjoy do in your free time?

Reinhardt: I love to bake and grew up baking with my great grandmother. It is one of the many things I am passionate about. We opened a state of the art bakery in San Clemente where I now do all of my research and create new recipes. We are always testing new and unique flavor profiles for our special cupcake of the month and holidays. We created the “Magnificent Marshmallow” cupcake for the month of May, which blends decadent Belgian chocolate with rich caramel and marshmallows. It is pure bliss! It will be available for the entire month of May at our four locations: The Historic Mission Inn-Riverside, Fashion Island, Laguna Beach and Woodbury Town Center, Irvine.

Is your new store going to be available for birthday parties? What is going to make this store unique from your other locations?

Reinhardt: Yes! Our Irvine location has a beautiful, spacious private party room, which is unique to our other locations. Each of our locations is an experience, a destination inspired by a classic Parisian café with a glamorous Hollywood twist.

Our party room services cater to children’s parties, decorate your own cupcake parties, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, tea parties and more. For more details or to book parties, OC Family readers can call our Woodbury Town Center, Irvine location at 949-333-2228.

Do you have any plans to open another store in the near future?

Reinhardt: Yes, we plan to open new locations throughout southern California this year. We also plan to expand internationally in the future since we have customers who visit us from all over the world.

How does your family feel about your success?

Reinhardt: My family is an integral part of my success. My great grandmother’s delicious recipes inspired me and my business is a success because of the guidance, support and knowledge of my parents, Kelly and Duane Roberts. They have achieved great success in the food service and hospitality industry as proprietors of the acclaimed Historic Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside, CA. My stepfather Duane, who formulated and marketed the first frozen burrito and built the company into the largest frozen Mexican food manufacturer in the United States, helped me turn my passion into a business at the age of 22.

Casey’s Cupcakes
6258 Irvine Boulevard
(off Sand Canyon – Woodbury Town Center)
Irvine, CA


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