Big Bear and My Boys

We took our first family vacation this last weekend. I know, I know. My oldest is almost four years old and this is the first real vacation we have taken, but what can I say? Hubby and I always saw trip with the boys more like work than an actual vacation. Yet now that they are a little older we thought we would go for it with two nights in Big Bear at a friend’s cabin.

Our trip was wonderful!

Fourteen inches of snow fell the day before so we had perfect powder waiting for us and the boys jumped right in.

We got the most amazing pictures of our boys on this trip. Their cuteness will melt your heart!

Getting ready to play in the snow was very much like the scene in The Christmas Story, except the boys could move their arms and were not being chased by a mean bully.

My son said he was just like “the farmer and the dell.”

Okay, we are ready.

The whole cabin was on 1/2 an acre and the backyard alone was huge. For our first activity we made snow angels.

Then we had a good old fashioned snow ball fight.

Next we made snow men. This was my first time making a snowman and I was truly amazed how the snow just rolls together into a ball. It was like rolling up a huge carpet. It’s the little things that blow my mind.

Seriously, he is too cute!

Finally it was time to sled!

We found a great big hill and had a blast!

He’s a kid at heart.

Once we came inside we roasted marshmallows, of course.

We made s’mores.

I taught the boys how to eat a s’more but they were just interested in the marshmallows. Oh well, more for me.

The reason I think this first trip was so great was because:

1. We had this cabin all to our self and didn’t have to share with another family,

2. We brought up our snacks and cooked our own meals,

3. The snow was obviously soft and fluffy,

4. And lastly being in this beautiful mountain we really felt God’s presence and saw His glorious creation.

I know hubby and I can’t wait to go back…

…and neither can he.


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