Crafty Chatter in the OC

By Pauline Molinari

Crafty Chatter in the OC

Back to School BINGO

Have you begun the countdown for the kids going back to school yet? How much reading have they done. Do they still remember what 6×8 is?

We have a a blast of a summer so far, but one thing is for sure, your kids can never do too much reading or workbook pages in order to keep up some of their school skills. Am I right?

It is coming down to the last weeks of summer fun, and I created a fun game to help motivate my girl into keeping up with summer schoolwork, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Here is my version of Back to School BINGO!

I created a board filled with 5 different activities that I would love for my daughter to keep up with, reading, writing, typing, math skills, and general workbook pages.

Each time she completes a task, she can put a sticker on that space, or draw a dot on it.

Then, I’m going to work with her to fill in the “prize” box on the bottom for what she achieves when she gets 5 in a row, or a BINGO.

You can download the BINGO board above here:


or, if you want to customize one for your child, here is a blank BINGO board to fill in:


Enjoy! Good luck with your kids on the last days of summer!

My girl has begun her BINGO board tasks. Yay!


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