King Among Dads

Bill King

Raising his kids half time in the “Double Bubble” that is the safest gated community in the perennially safest city in California, Bill shares his blog – “King Among Dads” – as a way to cope with living in a community of non-single families while writing a “mom blog” from a dad perspective, believing that if he can help just one single dad out there, it will have all been worth it.

21 Fun Facts About Bill in No Particular Order:

1. At the age of 6, he rode his banana-seat bike two miles to the new mall (where they filmed “Back to the Future”) after school one day to play four quarters worth of pinball and Breakout which pre-dated Asteroids and Space Invaders. He returned in time to find his parents, older brother and sister all searching for him. He got away with it.

2. His idol growing up was Steve Garvey, No. 6 and 1st Baseman of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

3. If “American Idol” existed in his 20s, he swears he would have made the Top 12. In fact, he thinks he could make it now. He did not try out for “Star Search” back in the day, though he drove with his sister who auditioned.

4. He’s a grammar geek and his biggest pet peeve is when people say “Jane Doe and I” when posting their pics on Facebook (it’s “me”). He extends grace to type-os of “they’re,” “there,” and “their” because, hey, we’re all typing fast and we all do it.

5. He has a videographic memory of most events in his life going as far back as age 2. He thinks this makes him special. He created the phrase “videographic memory” because it’s more special than just having a photographic memory like the kid who beat PacMan.

6. He hates to go to bed. He thinks it stems from a fear of missing out on something fun. Consequently, he’s often tired and is a lover of coffee … Don Francisco’s Hazelnut to be exact.

7. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Psychology and fancies himself an “expert” in adolescence having worked with teens in psych hospitals and in youth groups for 13 years. However, he has been practicing law since 1998 while putting his passion for youth into his kids.

8. His ideal vacation involves “surfing powder” at high rates of speed on his Burton snowboard. He refers to boarding as “snowsurfing” and it’s the basis for his Xbox GamerTag, his Facebook URL and his former Twitter name (@Sn0wSurF3r) til he decided to stop pretending he was in college (it’s now @BillKingOC).

9. The late Rich Mullins is his all-time favorite musician because Rich is a better poet than he is a talented composer and singer, and he wrote from the soul while donating all of his royalties.

10. If he bets one-third of the pot, pre-flop, in Texas Hold ‘em, he probably has a pair of Queens or Jacks … or 9s.

11. He still tears up every time Rocky beats Apollo and then screams, “Yo Adrienne! I did it!” He knows this is the 80s version of Disney’s “Old Yeller” for most men.

12. In Jr. High, he was a dungeon master in the role-playing dice game Dungeons & Dragons (“D&D”) and he painted figurines. He has since graduated to the geekdom that is Fantasy Football, aka “D&D for adults.” He does not have painted football figurines. He’s also a closet trekkie.

13. He’s a former chief of the Navajo tribe in the Broken Lance North Indian Guides, a program for fathers and sons. As the War Whooper, he created the Navajo’s chant, “Pals Forever!” in 2002, and it continues to be the best chant in all of Indian Guides … anywhere. Yes, anywhere. His Indian name was “Hunting Eagle.” But for Indian Princesses, his daughter wanted to be “Dancing Piggy,” so he went by “Wild Boar.”

14. Crunch Berries, Bit O’Honey, Hot Tamales, Ben & Jerry’s, Runts, Red Vines, Milk Duds in his popcorn.

15. He was in the shower in his dorm at UCLA when the space shuttle blew up in 1986; He was in the shower when the first plane struck the first tower on 9/11. He has considered not taking showers …

16. Halloween is his favorite holiday. He has also decided that it’s a deal-breaker if a woman he’s dating won’t dress up for Halloween because it tells a lot about her self-comfort and personality and, hence, her compatibility with him. He will work this question in on a first date.

17. The number 16 was his high school soccer number, which he got by default because he picked last. He wanted No. 6 (See No. 2, above).

18. His jr. high son and he play XBox and share a love of all things zombie-related. His jr. high daughter and he do not share that same love … instead, they share music.

19. Anyone he feels connected to will be called by a nickname … usually some derivative of their name. Accordingly, if you are addressed formally, you know where you stand with him. This means absolutely nothing.

20. He’s a movie-line quoter and if a conversation includes lines to a song, he will reference it by abruptly singing it, unless he’s in court.

21. He openly stated he would never have time and energy to race triathlons, then raced five of them in 2010. He also said he’d never run a marathon because anyone who would run 26.2 miles in a row was crazy. Bill became certifiable on June 6, 2010 in San Diego.

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