7 Ways Small Children can Save the World

Kids can make a big impact on the environment in a positive way.
Even small children.
And to make a big impact, you don’t have to do big things.
So here is a list of 7 ways small children can save the world!
Check out the complete list and activities here.

7 ways small children can save the world

I’m not brainwashing my kids to save the world, but I am teaching them, their actions will affect the environment – in both good and bad ways. And I’m starting conversations with them about their impact.
I hope you like these small things… that are actually BIG!

1) Pick up trash at the park or on a walk.

2) Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.

3) Visit the Farmer’s Market once a month.

4) Use both sides of the paper when coloring or doing art projects.

5) Turn off lights in a room.

6) Use reusable bags.

7) Recycle and use reusable water bottles!

I hope you enjoyed my 7 ways small children can save the world! (See the full list and activities here.)
Just to add to the ecology fun, I’m giving away these adorable Green Kids books.
5 paperback books that share the “going green” lifestyle with kids who can talk to animals. Now that’s something to smile about!

Green kids book giveaway

The illustrations are bright and beautiful, and each book’s theme is topped off with a related science section in the back.

green kids book illustrations green kids book science section

Follow the instruction in the box below to enter!

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Good Luck!

Hiking Holy Jim Falls with the Family

It’s hard for outsiders to believe that “The OC” is actually filled with amazing hiking trails.
It is.
And we trekked the Family Friendly Holy Jim Falls this summer.
You should too!

Get to the trail early, before it gets too hot.
It is quite a drive to the trailhead. It’s a rough road and you have to go slow! But it’s completly doable with little children. Mine are 8, 6, 4, and 2 years old!

We brought a camel back filled with water and a few snacks. It wasn’t easy so you won’t want to scrimp in the food area!

hike to holy jim falls

On the way up you should stop often in the shade for quick rests and water. We stopped about three quarters from the top for a snack and we should have stopped to eat sooner… and we should have brought more snacks. 

snack time on our way to holy jim falls

The scenery on the hike is fantastic! You won’t feel like you are in Orange County.
Doesn’t being in nature just make you crave more time in nature?
Doesn’t it make you want to buy poperty and just live off the land?
Oh, that last one is just me?

holy jim falls hike is beautiful

We let the kids explore quite a bit off the trail. As much as I wanted to power through the hike and get a workout, I wanted more for them to love this adventure. And they did!

off the trail fun on holy jim falls hike

There are 4 trail stops on the way and we all had fun learning about the actual man, Jim, the trail is named after. He kept bees in the canyon and I think I want to too!

off the trail fun on holy jim falls hike

Of course, when you take a hike and it gets tough… remember the way back is always easier! I’m so glad we pushed though to the “falls,” because now we can say, we’ve done it!

holy jim falls hike

I know you want to see a picture of the actual falls. But how could I ruin the surprise? You need to discover this with your family on your own.
Spoiler Alert: The “Falls” are just a trickle in the summer. Try to go after the next good rain in So Cal (hahahahahaha).

Things you should know if you go: 

  • ~Even though my boys wore flip-flops (I mean, we are in the OC), you really should wear tennis shoes.
  • ~From the main road (Live Oak Canyon Rd) you’ll turn onto a dirt road next to Trabuco Creek, then you’ll take the dirt/gravel road about 4.5 miles to the trailhead. Keep an eye on your mileage, because about two miles in there is a rest stop type area with a porta potty and since you are going so darn slow you might think you are at the trailhead already!
  • ~Bring more than one snack! We should have done a whole lunch. It would also be fun to bring a short book to read at picnic rock or the falls. What a special memory for the kiddos… reading in the forest!
  • ~Water. Lots if it’s hot.
  • ~The way back is much easier than the way up! This is a great time to encourage your kids during a challenging situation. Pushing toward a goal.

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Cheesy Bell Pepper Gluten Free Burger – Winder Farms

When I wake up to a Winder Farms delivery, it’s like getting a little note that says,
“Hey KN,
Why don’t you stay in your Pajamas today!
Winder Farms”

I was challenged to make an amazing burger with my most recent delivery.
And I did!

winder farm burger contes (6)

For the burger you’ll need: 1 pound ground turkey (not pictured above because raw meat is gross), bread crumbs from one GF bun (explained below), juice from 1/2 a lemon, 1 bell pepper, 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh basil, 2 teaspoons dried oregano, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon pepper, 3 slices of provolone cheese, gluten free buns,

All the fixins’: lettuce, tomato, and condiments. But you might omit all the ketchup and mayo when you taste the amazing carrot coleslaw I share with you too!

For the carrot coleslaw you’ll need: 1 teaspoon of oregano, 2 teaspoons of honey, 3 teaspoons of olive oil, 2 teaspoons of balsamic vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon of salt, 1/4 teaspoon of pepper, one carrot shredded.

1. Pop one of the gluten free buns into the broiler. Try not to burn it…I always do. Always. But if you do happen to burn it, just scrap off the black and no one will notice. In a blender grind up the bun into crumbs, then set aside.

2. Finely chop the bell pepper.

winder farm burger contes (8)

3. Combine the turkey, bread crumbs, lemon juice, chopped bell pepper, basil, oregano, salt, and pepper into a bowl and mix. I use my hands and smash the heck out of it!

winder farm burger contes (11)

4. Use a 1/4 measuring cup and form lump into a ball. Make as many little balls as you can. I usually get 10 quarter cups from one pound of meat. Winder Farms ground turkey comes in 1.25 pounds and I got 12 quarter cups.

winder farm burger contes (15)

5. Flatten out each ball into a thin patty. Break the provolone cheese into little pieces and put on half the patties. Place the other “non-cheesed” patty on top of a cheese one and meld the sides together. (In the picture below the top patty has already been melded to the bottom.

winder farm burger contes (19)

6. Admire your work, ignore the dishes and head on out to the grill. Grill until cooked through.

winder farm burger contes (31)

While the patties are grilling, we’ll make the carrot coleslaw!

Wisk together the oregano, honey, olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper. Then add the shredded carrot.winder farm burger contes (33)

winder farm burger contes (35)

Look at the grill lines on that piece of meat! It’s OK if some of the cheese leaks out a bit.

winder farm burger contes (36)

Now we build the perfect gluten free burger!
Veggies go on the bottom (if you don’t know why, then just ask me… it’s kinda a secret) of your gluten free bun. Then add your amazing patty and top off with the carrot coleslaw. You won’t need to add anything else!

winder farm burger contes (49)

I know you want a closer look!

winder farm burger contes (53)

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Dear All The Summer Camps

We love Summer Camps but there is one thing I hate.
I’ve thought about casually mentioning it to camp directors. But I don’t want to seem like a complainer.
”What is she talking about?”
Well, I’m talking about foam stickers!

I hate those things. All the foam things.
I get it though – They are pre-cut, cute, and make it so easy to make non-train wreck craft with kids.
But do you actually keep any foam crafts?
Maybe… reluctantly… only if your kid’s picture is on it.
But every single craft for the last camp we did, went into the trash.
Ultimately the money went into a landfill.
That’s what breaks my heart.
All those non recyclable foam sticker toxins are going to seep into our water system and our great grandkids will have tails.
How about creating an experiences the kids will remember forever?
Games, scavenger hunts, prayer time…
I get crafts are important. They reinforce what kids are learning and give them creative outlets to express… well, anything! I mean really, you know I love crafts!!
But knowing, all the crafts will end up in the trash… is it worth it? Think of that money that could go to real causes, money that could have made a big impact. Or money that can go to an experience like a tide pool guy or something.
If a camp has 500 kids and they only spend $1 on each craft each day, you’re looking at $2,500.
$2,500 of trash!!!!!!
So I’m sure you are wondering, “What in the world can we do instead of crafts?
Glad you asked!
Here’s some ideas:

  • A piece of blank white paper and a drawing prompt. Some of my favorite pictures are random ones my kids have made from their own imagination. Cost 1 cent each.
  • Make cards for the troops… or the local retirement community… or fire station… or whatever. Use construction paper or bulk cards. Cost range $.01-.50 each.
  • How about sending everyone home with a family project. Make your own lemonade. Print out a lemonade recipe and send it home in a bag with 5 lemons. Every congregation has at least 4 people who have a lemon tree and can’t use all those suckers. Paper bag, donated lemons (maybe you’ll have to buy them in bulk), and 1/4 slip of paper for the recipe. Cost $.10-1.00 each.
  • Face paining. Hire a teen for free. Supplies and man power. $20-$300 for the day.
  • The group picture… You have to do one of those! Just have the picture printed then add a magnet to the back. $.50 each.

I just planned your next camp! A whole week of “crafts” that won’t end up in the trash.
Now I know what you’re thinking… “But we have to keep these kids busy for 3 hours!?!?!?!!
Water balloons. Capture the flag. Candy.
This Small change would make a BIG impact on the amount of waste we produce and the money could be used to positively impact people’s lives forever.
Clean water wells. Smoke free stoves. Kids aging out of foster care. Buy livestock for a village.
The list can go on forever.
Talk you your camp about changing your perspective on crafts.
And for sweet baby Jesus’ sake, don’t ever use those foam stickers again.
Small Things can change the world.

bambuearth Spa Day

Do you have special one-on-one time with your kids? I’m not just talking about play time. But a special activity reserved for one child. Something you intentionally don’t do with your other children.I’ve started doing this with my kids and it means more to them than I could ever understand!
First you have to choose an activity! Something that isn’t annoying (for me) or difficult to do often. I decided to start Thursday Spa day with one of my middle children (because don’t you think those middle children get the short end of the stick!?!?).

I started looking into skincare items, but I didn’t feel comfortable putting all those chemicals onto her sweet perfect skin! I found bambuearth… all organic… phthalate free, paraben free, sulfate free, preservative free, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic dyes, sustainable palm oil, never tested on animals… AND made right here in Orange County!!

Bambuearth spa day

(bambuearth is having a kickstarter campaign right now for a storefront in Orange County! Consider donating some $$$… even $5 would be rad!)

I got the spa kit and we had spa day! This skincare routine really helped.
Tea Tree CleanserSugar Glow (scrub) – Rosemary TonerPetitgrain Facial Cream
Cora Jane was in heaven!

bambuearth sugar glow

Cora Jane says the Brown Sugar scrub smells like cookies.
I agree.
I think the Petitgrain Cream is the best lotion I have ever used. A little goes a long way.
Cora Jane agrees.

bambuearth sugar glow and cream

I have easily been able to keep up this time with Cora Jane (I mean, sugar scubs are delightful) and the way she looks forward to our spa day is crazy.
It doesn’t take much, friends. Our bambuearth spa day takes us 15-20 minutes, once a week and you would think I took her to Disneyland.
Small Things are Big Things for your family.

bambuearth sugar glow and cream

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Small Things Matter

A year ago the focus of my life changed.
My mom died unexpectedly.
She fell off a curb and broke her femur and her body never bounced back. She spent 2 months in a coma before she left this home for another.
The things I miss most are all small things.
How she filled my Christmas stocking with my favorite tea and glue sticks. How she wanted to hear about my day.
My whole world view changed. My focus is encouraging moms about the small things they do in their lives.
Small Things are powerful.
Small Things make a difference.
Small Things change the world.
Join me as this OC Family Mom Ambassador blog switches gears from crafts to impactful activities for the whole family!

a profile pix square

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Craft Attitude Printable Jewelry Film


Hi friends!

I had a dandy time at the Craft and Hobby Association’s Winter Conference this year. Have you ever wanted to make rad jewelry but don’t want to spend a fortune on all the jewelry making supplies?

Me too!

REALLY! I tried once and it didn’t have the best outcome.

Well, Craft Attitude’s Printable Jewelry Film is one of the great new products I discovered. You can use basic craft supplies (aka a glue stick) with the film and make some pretty neat AND custom items.

Did I mention it’s easy? Like, really easy!

Here is my lil’ how-to video with Candie Cooper

So, I totally know you want a package of some of the Jewelry Attitude’s Printable Jewelry Film. How about if I send you one?!!? Enter to win in the box below and one lucky reader will win a package of 8 sheets for endless possibilities.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck Friends!

Kara-Noel has been “crafting” since she could hold a glue gun! When she isn’t hanging with her Hubby, chasing down her four kiddos (1-6 years old!) or napping you’ll find her blogging at Eli’s Lids The Blog or working on her business Every Moment Clothing! Follow her on twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Like right now!

CHA at the Anaheim Convention Center

I was able to head on over to the Craft and Hobby Association’s Winter Conference and Trade Show at the Anaheim Convention Center. The place was brimming with awesome ideas and inspiration.

We are so lucky to live close to all the action here in Orange County!

So many vendors…

I was able to see some really spectacular new products and I’ll be sharing them here soon… hopefully with some giveaway action!

Kara-Noel has been “crafting” since she could hold a glue gun! When she isn’t hanging with her Hubby, chasing down her four kiddos (1-6 years old!) or napping you’ll find her blogging at Eli’s Lids The Blog or working on her business Every Moment Clothing! Follow her on twitterFacebook and Pinterest. Like right now!

Making an Ugly Box Pretty

Happy New Year friends!!

It’s time to organize all that clutter. Use inexpensive (yet sturdy) bankers boxes to get your home into shape…

DIY bankers box storage system entry

You’ll need: Bankers box, 12×12 pretty paper, spray adhesive, razor blade, glue, craft letters (optional)

supplies for DIY bankers box storage system

Spray. Attach paper. Cut handle. Decorate. Enjoy!

DIY bankers box storage system finished

Coming soon:

Valentines Day Crafts!

Kara-Noel has been “crafting” since she could hold a glue gun! When she isn’t hanging with her Hubby, chasing down her four kiddos (1-6 years old!) or napping you’ll find her blogging at Eli’s Lids The Blog or working on her business Every Moment Clothing! Follow her on twitterFacebook andPinterest. Like right now!

Christmas Pins

T minus 4 days till Christmas! Eeeeek. Some of us a fully prepared for the festivities and some of us (ahem) are going to pull a few all nighters. Here are some fun activities you still have time to get together.

Tasty things…

Make this simple snowman snack from Eli’s Lids with items you already have in your pantry:

snowman snack for kids

Here is a great Mixed-up Snowman Trail Mix Funky Polkadot Giraffe you can make a party/class favors:

Funky Polkadot Giraffe

For something savory and something sweet try these Christmas Crackers and Fudge from Sew Chatty:

chrismas crackersfudge


Gifts you can make. Because you don’t want to step into a store right now (or pay $75 for overnight shipping)…

Stitch up this Embroidery Hoop Sewing Kit from The Train to Crazy:

Embroidery Hoop Sewing Kit

A sweet holiday lollipop tee from Polkadots on Parade can be made with everyday fabric and worn year round:

diy lollipop tee

Remember the reusable gift tags we made after the Pinterest Party? They can double as drink containers by tying them to a pitcher or drink dispenser with ribbon or fabric. The perfect hostess gift:

reusable chalkboard tag

Why not make your gift bag a gift as well?!?! Two gifts in one. I love this reusable gift bag from The Train to Crazy too:

make a gift bag

And of course Keep Calm with these free printables from Funky Polkadot Giraffe and Polkadots on Parade.

keep calm and jingle onkeep calm and get your ho ho ho onkeep calm and snow on

Merry Christmas friends!


Kara-Noel has been “crafting” since she could hold a glue gun! When she isn’t hanging with her Hubby, chasing down her four kiddos (1-6 years old!) or napping you’ll find her blogging at Eli’s Lids The Blog or working on her business Every Moment Clothing! Follow her on twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Like right now!