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Guilt-free Happy Hour With Skinnygirl Cocktails!

You might remember my post a few weeks ago on my top 10 must haves for summertime? I wrote about how I was introduced to Skinnygirl Cocktails (specifically their White Sangria) and about how I pretty much fell in love with it?!? Well let me tell ya, I had the chance to try a few more of their cocktails, and I’m even more in love!

I love my evening cocktail. It’s nice to have every once in a while after a long, hot summer day with the kiddos. I just hate that cocktails and wine have SO many calories. Well, with Skinnygirl, I don’t have to feel guilty about having a drink anymore. The cocktails are low in calories, yet do not sacrifice on flavor. The taste is just perfect- my current new favorite is the Skinnygirl “Sweetarita”- so nice to sip on a hot day.

My hubby and I have also been playing around with the Skinnygirl vodkas. I LOVE the meyer lemon flavor. This stuff is good enough to drink on the rocks alone, but we enjoy it with a squeeze of fresh lemon from our lemon tree and a splash of homemade simple syrup.

I want to share some fun Skinnygirl Cocktail recipes with you- perfect for your next party, girl’s night, BBQ or how about just an evening at home?

Skinnygirl Lemon Drop

· 2 parts Skinnygirl Meyer Lemon Vodka

· Sugar-free lemonade mix

· Splash of lemon

· Splash of sparkling water

· Lemon slice for garnish



Mix ingredients in a glass with ice and top with sparkling water. Garnish with lemon.

Skinnygirl Sunrise

· 1 1/2 parts Skinnygirl Meyer Lemon Vodka

· Splash of orange juice

· Splash of light cranberry juice

· Splash of sparkling water

· Orange slice and cherry for garnish



Mix ingredients in a glass with ice and top with sparkling water. Garnish with an orange slice and cherry

Very Berry Lemonade

· 1 1/2 parts Skinnygirl Meyer Lemon Vodka

· 2 parts sugar-free strawberry lemonade

· Muddled blueberries, raspberries and strawberries

· Crushed ice

· Splash of sparkling water

· Blackberry or lemon wedge for garnish



Mix vodka, muddled blueberries, raspberries and strawberries in a glass. Top off with a splash of sparkling water and add ice. Garnish with a blackberry or lemon wedge.


Summer Splash

· 2 parts Skinnygirl Bare Naked Vodka

· 1 part black tea (or powdered iced tea mix)

· 1 part lemonade

· Lemon wedge (optional)



Mix ingredients in a tall Collins glass. Garnish with lemon wedge (optional).


Sun-Kissed Spritzer

· 2 parts Skinnygirl Tangerine Vodka

· 1 1/2 parts lime soda water

· Squirt of fresh lime

· Squirt of fresh lemon

· Squirt of fresh grapefruit

· Slice of lemon for garnish



Mix all ingredients and pour over ice. Garnish with a slice of lemon and enjoy!




Brunch Time Bloody Mary

  • 2 parts Skinnygirl Meyer Lemon Vodka
  • 2 parts low-sodium tomato juice
  • Splash of fresh lemon juice
  • Squeeze of fresh lime juice
  • Dash of Worcestershire sauce (to taste)
  • Dash of hot sauce
  • Sprinkle of celery salt
  • Cucumber for garnish


Preparation: Shake ingredients well in a shaker filled with ice. Strain into a glass. Garnish with cucumber wheel.


Enjoy!! And please shoot me an e-mail or comment if you try any of these recipes out. I’d love to hear from you!




Society Sweets Interview and Giveaway!


One of the things I love most about blogging is getting out there and meeting amazing and inspiring people. I’m usually a pretty shy and reserved person- I think that’s why blogging is so appealing to me because it allows me to express myself through my written words. Being a blogger has really helped me to get out of my comfort zone, and be a little more adventurous. I’ve been following Shana Clemence- baker, founder and owner of Society Sweets on her instagram feed for some time now. I was introduced to her by following another blogger on instagram (don’t you just love social media?) This blogger had posted a photo of a gorgeous cheesecake made by Shana, so I decided to check her out by following her photos. I finally got the courage to shoot Shana an e-mail inquiring about an interview for my OC Family Mom Ambassador blog, and I was beyond thrilled when she responded with a “yes” to me!

Friends, meet Shana-

This adorable, talented lady has been a long time baker and lover of sweets. Shana’s a self-taught home baker (which I love, because I consider myself the same) She’s learned many of her skills from her Grandmother Jane. She grew up in her Grandmother’s kitchen helping her bake and constantly being inspired by her. Shana feels close to her Grandma while baking and creating sweets. Her Grandma Jane taught Shana all about the importance of  always being a proper lady and her “clean plate society”. Now years later her Grandma’s memory continues in Society Sweets.

While visiting with Shana she made a homemade fresh lemon butter cream icing in 3 beautiful colors- white, light pink and dark pink.

(of course little missy had to taste test the lemon butter cream- she approved! Can you tell?!)

Shana cut an 8 layer lemon cake,


assembled it

iced it with a beautiful pink ombre icing,

and decorated cupcakes

(my kids- being little bakers themselves were in awe!)


I mean, look at that!!! Stunning!

This lady has got talent, and it is obvious. Shana started up her Society Sweets business in April, and it has just taken off from there. Shana loves baking and decorating cakes, but that’s not all she does. Her Society Sweet’s menu includes cheesecakes, cinnamon sugar, maple and vanilla baked doughnuts, mini bundt cakes, Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cup stuffed peanut butter cookies, her famous signature salted caramel bars, brownie tarts- which have been described as a “chocolate explosion in your mouth”- Umm, yes, PLEASE! And much more!

Shana’s tips on baking at home- be more loose and not so precise. Make sure to try new things and not worry so much. Shana loves the deconstructed organic look, as do I- cakes don’t always have to be perfectly frosted. Use fresh fruit for garnish. Always make presentation a priority, have your items look pretty- even if it’s just for family. Have fun with your baking and decorating!

Thank you Shana for the privilege of meeting and getting to know more about you and your amazing little company!

And now for the GIVEAWAY! Shana has been so kind as to offer the OC Family readers a chance to win a $40 gift certificate to her Society Sweets shop! All you have to do to enter is tell me why you’d love to win. One lucky winner will be chosen on Friday July 25th, 2014 after 3pm via!

*Please Note: The winner of this giveaway will be responsible for redeeming their gift certificate in person at Society Sweets located in the city of Ladera Ranch, South OC.


To learn more about Shana or contact her please go to-


Instagram: societysweets

Hours of operation- Mon-Sat 9am-6pm



Looking For A Few Good Clowns- Clown Auditions!

TUESDAY July.29th, 2014- 10:00am-1:30pm at the Honda Center

To register for clown auditions please go to OR e-mail




Sol Dance Academy- Frozen Themed Dance Camp

All I can say is WOW. I’m beyond amazed at Sol Dance Academy’s dance camp! We let the kids choose a camp they would each like to attend this summer. Charlie of course went with hockey camp, which will be at the end of August. Ciera decided to go with dance camp at Sol- which made me super happy. I grew up taking dance classes and enjoyed it so much, I’m glad my girl has the same love of dance that I did. Ciera has been taking a hip hop class at Sol since the beginning of the year, and when their dance camp schedule came out, we knew right away she’d be wanting to sign up. They have a few options, but once she saw the “Frozen” dance camp they offer- that was it! No need to look into the others- that was the one!

In just one jam packed week the girls learned ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, choreography, musical theater, did crafts and even went on a fun field trip. Holy smokes! They were busy little dancing bee’s and Ciera loved every minute of it. She was in dance heaven!

They learned routines for each type of dance and even got to choreograph their own dance to their own music and at the end of the week put on a performance for the parents showcasing everything they learned. I’m absolutely beyond impressed. Miss Sharon worked these girls, and it showed for sure! Amazing!

Seriously you guys, if you are looking for a great dance studio in OC you must check out Sol. They not only offer classes for the kids, but they also offer classes for us adults, including yoga, zumba and more! Click here for their class schedule.

Ms.Sharon is the owner of the dance studio, and she teaches most of the classes. She’s amazing! Ms. Sharon Sandor began training in 1969. This included ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and other forms of dance. She was part of the competition team for her studio The Dance Factory. Her professional background consisted of being a member of the Pacific Ballet Theater, The Young Americans, Star Quality Dance Company, and Dance in Action. She was also Artistic Director and Choreographer of Left Coast Dance Company. Ms. Sandor performed in “42nd Street” at the Long Beach Civic Light Opera in Long Beach and had the honor of meeting Ruby Keeler. She also performed in “Welcome to the Cotton Club” at the Roxy in Hollywood and then at the Park West Theater in Chicago. This experience presented opportunities to share the stage with legends such as the Nicholas brothers, Cab Calloway, Maxine Weldon, Linda Hoppkins and Reynaldo Ray. Ms. Sandor choreographed and performed in “Letting Go” at the Community Arts Theater in Big Bear. She has appeared in many videos, commercials and television shows. Her background also includes modeling and singing. Music being one of her passions, Ms. Sandor has written, recorded and co-produced an album. She has taught dance and choreographed for Marina H.S. and Oceanview H.S. both in Huntington Beach. And was a guest choreographer for San Juan Hills H.S. in San Juan Capistrano. Recently, She choreographed “Godspell” for the Episcopal School in Rancho Santa Margarita.  Ms Sandor has choreographed for countless shows, schools, auditions and events and taught in Southern Orange County since 1982. Her love of dance and sharing her gift is forever strong.

Ciera just LOVES Ms. Sharon and now wants to be a dance teacher just like her when she grows up. How sweet is that?!

Check out this studio guys- first trial class is free, so your child can see what type of dance class they’d enjoy taking. Another thing I love about this studio is the class sizes are smaller then other studios- this allows more one on one instruction and heightened focus on technique not often seen in larger classes.

They have such a HUGE selection of classes- ballet, pointe, hip hop, jazz, tap, contemporary, swing, Zumba, lyrical, salsa and yoga.

So check out Sol Dance Academy and tell them Mom Ambassador Alisa sent you! I know you’ll love it!

25571 Jeronimo Rd Suite #3

Mission Viejo, CA 92691

(949) 305-0005


(photo from Sol’s 1st annual recital in June)

My top 10 must haves for summertime!


Thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you guys.

These are my absolute must-haves for summertime (actually, all the time!)  Here you go–

#10- Skinny Girl Sangria

I’m normally a red wine kind of girl, but I was chatting with a good friend recently and she raved about this stuff, so I thought I’d give it a try- and you know what? It’s pretty darn good! This sweet, fruity white wine sangria is absolutely perfect for summertime, and approx 130 calories per 5 oz to boot. I’ll take it! I found it at Target for about $10 per bottle. The Skinnygirl brand of cocktails has many more variety/flavors available. I’ll definitely be checking them out!

#9- The Honest Company Sunscreen

It is almost impossible for me to choose only one item from this amazing company, as I love every product of theirs I’ve tried (and I’ve tried almost all of them) but since it’s summertime I’m choosing their sunscreen. When it comes to my kids and the products I use on them, I want to be certain that the products are safe and made with pure, natural, amazing ingredients. I do not have to worry whatsoever when I’m  using  The Honest Company products! This sunscreen is SPF 30, fragrance free and glides on super smooth. I just love it! I was first introduced to this company about a year ago through a friends instagram photo. I read the book “The Honest Life” by Jessica Alba (founder of  The Honest Company) and the book changed my life! Why use products with yucky synthetic ingredients in them when you can purchase great, high quality natural and organic products for about the same cost? The Honest Company offers customers to sign up for their monthly “bundle” to get your favorite products shipped directly to your house every month at a discounted rate (which is what I do!). They are now also offering their products at Target and Costco, so if you just want to try out an item or two from them, this might be the way to go. But seriously give their stuff a try- I promise you will love it!

#8- EOS “Sweet Mint” Lip Balm

Everyone loves lip balm/lip gloss, am I right?! Thought so. If you haven’t tried this one, then I highly suggest you run out to Target, Walmart, Ulta, Ralphs… Like right now! EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) is 100% natural and 100% organic, and for approx 3 bucks a pop, you can’t go wrong. I love the fun packaging too. The “sweet mint” flavor is my personal favorite, but they have so much to choose from including lemon drop, tangerine and summer fruit- which smells like fruit punch, yum! So go on, go out and get your EOS!

#7-  doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil

I Love my doTERRA  essential oils. I think the peppermint oil would have to be my favorite. I use this for reducing my kiddos fevers, tummy problems, an afternoon pick me up and in my water, but the number one reason I use this stuff is for my headaches, and I tend to get a lot of them (blah!) All you do is take a drop or two, apply to temples and back of neck, and I tell ya it works almost instantly for me. Love it.

#6- Bare Minerals Faux Tan

I’m addicted. This product delivers the results I need. It absolutely DOES NOT disappoint. Trust me friends, I have tried so so so many sunless tanners out there, and this one plain and simple works! I do not like to be exposed to the sun at all- it’s horrible! Nor do I desire to tan like I did when I was a teenager. This Bare Minerals Faux Tan gives a nice bronze, sunkissed glow immediately without the harmful rays of the sun and a few hours later the bronze color will intensify. It really is amazing. I purchase mine at Ulta.

#5- Alex and Ani Bracelets

Oh how I love my Alex and Ani bracelets. My hubby bought me 4 in gold for our 10 year anniversary last February. I got the initials “A” for me, Alisa, “B” for my hubby Brandon and “C” for the kids, Charlie and Ciera. I also got the “path of life” symbol (each Alex and Ani bracelet has a specific meaning). Since then I’ve purchased two more, a gold one with a grape charm (for my love of the fruit- in liquified version, ha!) and I also started the silver collection, uh oh. My silver bracelet has a cute little cupcake on it- don’t need to explain that one. These bracelets are the perfect accessory for anytime of the year. You’ll rarely catch me without mine on. They are made in the USA, eco-friendly and made with all recycled metal, they are approx $28 each. The more you wear them, the more of a vintage look they will acquire, which I love. I’m warning you, these are very very addicting. Just like the potato chip- you can’t have just one :) Find these bracelets at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and various boutique shops.

#4- Reed’s Kombucha

I love the Reed’s brand. They offer a variety of fancy sodas (my kids LOVE their rootbeer!) But I LOVE their kombucha. My fav flavor they make is the mango ginger. I think kombucha is the “in” thing to drink these days, and that’s ok with me. It’s a fermented tea and definitely has an acquired taste, but I love it. It has a natural effervescence. It’s also full of probiotics, B vitamins, antioxidants and so much more. Give it a try!

#3- My Crockpot

Who wants to slave over a hot stove on a warm summer day? I love using my crockpot so I don’t have to! Here’s my favorite crockpot recipe to make from “Just A Pinch”- Rootbeer chicken.

#2- Rita’s Italian Ice

I won’t go into detail on why I love Rita’s so much- you’ll just have to read my blog that I posted a few weeks ago- click here. But please guys, check this place out. It’s THE perfect summertime dessert!

#1- Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter

And, my NUMBER 1 favorite item is this little gem. Trader Joes Coconut Body Butter. It is ahhmazing! I use it constantly throughout the day. My hands are extremely dry- probably from my OCD hand washing, and I swear this stuff cures the dryness. It smells divine- like summertime, really. It has such a smooth, non-greasy texture, and the BEST part– it’s only $4.99 a pop at your local Trader Joes. Yep, at that price friends, you NEED it!


Please give some of these goodies a try and as always, I’d LOVE to hear from you. Shoot me a comment on your favorite summertime products- I’d love to connect. Stay cool friends!

xo, Alisa


5 Easy 4th of July Dessert Ideas

The 4th of July is very quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays. I just love the Americana decor, warm summer weather, being outdoors, swimming, BBQ’s and of course the fireworks. Easy going living, and I just love it!

There are just too many cute dessert ideas out there. I want to share a few of my favorites with you, and FYI all of these are pretty self-explanatory, super easy and cute… Enjoy!

These white chocolate dipped strawberries are adorable with the blue sugared tips, and how easy?!

This might be one my favorites! I just love how beautiful the berries and whipped cream look in the pretty trifle dish (have I mentioned how much I love trifles?) And again, so simple, as you just layer the berries and whipped cream, and if you want to get a little crazy add a layer of cut up angel food or pound cake into the trifle.

These firecracker pretzel rods are cute. Just take your pretzel rod, dip in melted white chocolate, and top with red, white and blue sprinkles. Display them in a cute glass or mason jar. These would even be a really cute centerpiece.

I just love this fruit/pretzel flag. This includes strawberries – (they can easily be substituted with raspberries) and blueberries- which are some of my favorites. It also includes yogurt pretzels,  love those too! (a little hint- purchase your yogurt pretzels in the bulk bins at Sprouts, its cheaper and you have the control over how much to purchase!)

I LOVE these patriotic ice cream sandwiches! Take a box of frozen, pre-made ice cream sandwiches and rim in patriotic colored sprinkles for a yummy, cool treat- stick optional, but I think it looks cute!

Happy 4th Everyone!!


photo credit:, schmittastic and

5 Simple Tips To Great Curb Appeal

I love all things decorating, and home beautifying. When we purchased our first home 4 and a half years ago I was so excited to decorate, paint, personalize and just make it my own. Having lived in condos and apartments before we bought our home, I was used to having weekly gardeners and pretty much NO back or front yard to worry about maintaining. I was in for a little shock when we moved in. We now have a back and front yard that’s greatly larger then our home, and a lot to maintain! I’ve learned to love it, and become a pretty good little gardener if I do say so myself!

I’ve asked my friend Jackie, who just happens to be our awesome realtor to give me some of her tips for beautifying the front yard– aka: “curb appeal”. I just love her tips, and will for sure be implementing them in my yard. Here’s what Jackie has to say, hope you enjoy!

If you’ve spent any time watching or reading about selling your home, then you’ve heard the term
“curb appeal”.  Truly: what is curb appeal?

From a potential buyers’ perspective, it is the simplest, most welcoming invitation to your home.  We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but you need to know who your beholder is…..

When you are a homeowner selling one of your largest investments, the beholder is everyone that is planning to purchase a home in the price range of your home.

So! How do you appeal to everyone without appealing to no one?  It’s actually quite easy.

Look at your frontyard with a 5 point plan of attack:

1.       What is your largest area of space…..

-          Is it grass….  Make sure your grass is green, mowed and free of clumps of weeds

-          Is it hardscape….. wash and sweep it, it needs to be clean. Add potted plants to soften the edges.

2.       Plant fresh flowers. It might sound corny, but that first impression is overwhelming.  One of my clients bought 2 colors of the same annual and alternated them up the walkway to the front door. It really looked great.

3.       Planters…… clean them, deadhead the plants regularly and clean up the dead undergrowth, then put down colored wood chips. The wood chips might seem a bit costly, if you’re working in a budget but well worth it. The chips add such a freshness and make it seem tidy.  The contrast in colors between the plants and the chips, emphasizes the planters in a good way.

4.     Look at your outdoor lighting. Do you have a single porch light? Is it looking worn? Replace it. For less than $50 you can replace the porch light and sharpen up the entry.  For more than one light, please be sure they match…..AND keep working bulbs in them. Using automatic timers is a good idea.

5.       Mailbox and welcome mat. These items should be clean and if necessary, replace them with new. 

Does a buyer not buy a home because of a porch light or welcome mat? Probably not. Curb appeal is setting the stage of what your guests (potential buyers) will find inside, whetting their appetite. 

I will tell you, having shown hundreds of homes and written too many offers to track, serious buyers will step over each other, fight and compete for the homes that have a sense of “HOME” and create the warmth that we strive for.

Seriously, if you live in OC and are looking for a great realtor or someone to call to get some of your housing questions answered- give Jackie a call. Hope you have enjoyed these front yard beautifying tips! Thank you Jackie!




My Interview with Ringling Brothers Executive Chef Matt Loory

I recently had the privilege of conducting an interview via telephone with executive chef of Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus- Chef Matt Loory.

This was so exciting to be able to chat and ask him a few questions about his life as a circus chef, keeping all those talented circus performers tummies full, every day- on the mile long circus train to boot!

Matt studied at Le Cordon Bleu graduating with honors, but of course he learned a lot of his skills working in his mama’s kitchen. Matt has been cooking professionally for about 8 years now, and has been with the Ringling Brothers Circus for about a year and a half.

I asked him what some challenges of cooking on the road were, and besides adapting to cooking on a rocking and rolling circus train, he says his biggest challenge is chasing down those food delivery trucks!

With over 18 different countries represented and over 20 different languages spoken by the circus performers, can you guess what the #1 top seller is when it comes to food? A good ol’ cheeseburger! I found that so interesting! Of course, many other food items are offered including chicken sandwiches and hot dogs. Matt also mentioned his signature Asian inspired meatloaf with wasabi mashed potatoes (which instantly made my mouth water!), and his fried rice with sweet chili beef- so the performers definitely have some yummy options when it comes to food!

I asked Matt what his favorite types of foods are to cook. Breakfast foods are among one of his favorites and also comfort type foods, “food that warms your soul”. You know, “food that tastes better than it looks”. Matt, being exposed to a global palate starting at the young age of 5, says his personal favorite dish to eat is Vietnamese Pho.

The circus train has 2 kitchens called the “pie carts”. I of course had to ask Matt how big a role dessert plays on the circus train, in which he answered “we don’t call it the pie cart for nothing!”. Dessert is HUGE! From cheesecakes to key lime pie, chocolate chip cookies, and their top selling dessert- the “fudgy wudgy” chocolate cake- YUMMO! Matt loves making (and eating) key lime pie, and attributes that to his Florida roots, although is his all time favorite dessert is the bananas foster at Chef Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant in Orlando, FL.  He says his number one favorite dessert  to make is the decadent eclair, and then went on to tell me a really cute story of how when he was in culinary school on Valentine’s Day he had made a bunch of eclairs and fruit tarts, and told his fellow classmates to clean up his mess after him because he had somewhere to be! He then drove 4 hours away to bring the treats to a girl he was dating (how sweet is that?!)

In concluding my interview with Chef Loory I asked him if he has any cooking tips for us at home, and I just love his response: “Follow your tongue”, a recipe is nothing more then a guideline, have fun, be creative and get to know your flavors. He recommends the book “The Flavor Bible“. Well Matt, I think I’m just going to have to check that book out!

I so enjoyed my conversation with Chef Loory, and I hoped you enjoyed reading a little glimpse into the “man that feeds the circus’” everyday life!


(photo credit top to bottom: Feld Entertainment,  Kraft recipes and Taste of Home)

Rita’s- My happy place! Ice.Custard.Happiness.

Ice-Custard-Happiness is right! Rita’s may just be the happiest place on earth (my version of it anyways).

If you have not been to this ahh-mazing little sweet shop-PLEASE, just stop what you are doing and do yourself a huge favor and get on over and check it out! I so promise you will not be disappointed!

Let me give ya some background on this neat little company:

Rita’s was founded 30 years ago, by Bob Tumolo, a former Philadelphia firefighter. He opened up his first Rita’s location in Pennsylvania and named the biz after his wife, Rita. In about 12 years Rita’s had grown to over 100 stores in 9 states.

Now, 30 years later, Rita’s continues to thrive with over 600 locations in 21 different states, and I’m beyond thrilled they have come to CA- specifically Orange County! I’ve been frequenting the Rita’s Mission Viejo location, but you may have read my last blog post, this FRIDAY Rita’s will be opening up a Laguna Hills location, which I’m thrilled about because I live about 5 minutes away. This could be dangerous living so close!

Rita’s is just SO different from the typical fro-yo/ice cream shop. First of all, they have a huge selection of Italian Ice flavors offered in a large variety-daily. If you go there today, you will not find the same exact flavors as if you go in the next day (which is what I did a few weekends ago- yep, I went there 3 days in a row– what?) Some of Rita’s famous flavors include mango- which is their most popular, cherry, cotton candy, Swedish Fish, cookies and cream- an Italian cream ice (one of my personal favorites), and this month’s yummy fruity flavor- watermelon chip. I seriously could go on and on with all the flavors Rita’s has to offer!

Rita’s makes their Italian Ice fresh. Daily. In house. With real fruit. Friends, you can’t get any better then that!

They offer SO much- one of my favorites being their signature “Gelati” their #1 selling treat, which is a layering of their  Italian Ice and creamy old-fashioned frozen custard.

Blended Misto, which is your choice of Italian Ice blended to perfection with your choice of frozen custard flavors (vanilla, light vanilla, chocolate or strawberry)

The Blendini- Your choice of frozen custard with as little or as many topping add-ins as you’d like. One of my favs is their signature vanilla frozen custard with topping add-ins of snickers and heath bars- YUMM

Rita’s also offers milkshakes, sundaes, frozen custard cakes (I MUST have one of these for my birthday in October!), and custard cookie sandwiches made with real Oreos.

I had a great time last week taking a behind the scenes tour of Rita’s. Rita’s offers behind the scenes tour to the public too! Your group will get the inside scoop on how their treats are made. The best part – a free taste of happiness at the end!

You can join Rita’s birthday club, and receive a free treat on your special day.

You can also sign up to receive e-mail alerts on when your favorite flavor will be available in store! Now I’ll always know when my favorite cookies and cream Italian Cream Ice is available!

Rita’s also has a frequent buyer rewards program. Just download the Rita’s Rewards app to your smartphone, and every time you make a purchase at Rita’s, scan your app. When you get to 7 purchases you get the 8th free (regular sized Italian Ice)! How cool is that?!?

I hope you guys fall in love with Rita’s, just like I have! I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you if you try it out- just leave me a comment under this blog post. And who knows, maybe I’ll see ya at the Rita’s Laguna Hills grand opening tomorrow?!?

(I think I need this for my car!)

RITA’S, Laguna Hills- GRAND OPENING! Ice.Custard.Happiness.

Hi Guys,

I wanted to send out a quick post letting you know about the grand opening of Rita’s in Laguna Hills- this FRIDAY!

Here are the details:

Friday, June 20th
Rita’s of Laguna Hills
Village at Nellie Gail Ranch Shopping Center
26538 Moulton Parkway
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Phone: 949-831-7482

First 50 people to line up by 10AM with a donation for the Jessie Reese
Foundation will receive FREE Italian Ice for an entire year (donations may include: colorful socks, Crayola Crayons, infant bibs, rubber duckies and beanies for all ages/sizes). Rita’s will
be giving away FREE Regular Italian Ice ALL DAY, wooohooo!!

I will be posting my full Rita’s review/experience up on my blog soon. I can’t wait to share with you why I love this place SO SO SO much! But for now, get out there to the new Rita’s, Laguna Hills this FRIDAY- I might just see you there!