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Review: Disney On Ice

Disney 3 Disney 5

We went to Disney On Ice- “Let’s Celebrate” last night for opening night at the Honda Center. It was FANTASTIC!!!


My kids were SO SO excited, and Disney On Ice was pretty much the only thing they talked about (all day long) yesterday.


We were able to meet up with a few of my daughter’s friends at the venue. Here’s the girls waiting patiently for the show to begin.



The show of course had all the regulars including pretty much all the Disney princesses, characters from Toy Story, they had an AWESOME performance featuring Jack Skeleton along with all the Disney Villans dancing and skating away to “This is Halloween”, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Minnie and of course the big man- Mickey Mouse!

I think my fave of all the performances would be the Hawaiian segment featuring Lilo and Stitch.


The music was wonderful, all the costumes were fantastic and colorful, and of course, Stitch is so darn cute :)

Charlie liked the Toy Story performance best, because there is a giant toy pig who skates around and is pretty cute himself. And Ciera LOVED anything that had to do with Minnie Mouse, and boy was she in for a treat, because Minnie is in a good portion of the show! I won’t tell you her favorite thing Minnie does, you’ll just have to go check out the show for yourself. I promise, you won’t be sorry! Disney On Ice may just be a new yearly tradition for me and my kiddos as it was just plain AWESOME! Merry Christmas Friends!


Photo Credit: Feld Entertainment (Disney On Ice) and Myself.

Homemade Apple Butter- The Perfect Gift!

a6 a7

My husband Brandon and I ditched all that Black Friday shopping this year, for a lovely, peaceful, STUNNING hike up in Big Bear. The weather was GORGEOUS! A crisp 60 degrees, but still sunny. I really think that is my ideal weather (most of the year anyways). We went on about a 5 mile hike up Cougar Canyon trail, stopped at the top, had a little snack and wine and then headed back down.


It was about 3 in the afternoon when we completed our hike, and I knew I didn’t want to head back home to OC just yet. I knew that Oak Glen was just at the bottom of the mountain, so we ended up stopping there for a bit on the way back. Let me tell you, Oak Glen was a perfect FALL wonderland. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that!

Lookie here:

a11 a12 a13

Isn’t it perfect? Ahhhhh. It made up for all that un-fall-like weather we got here in the OC.

We even stopped at a super cute old fashioned coffee shop and had coffees and a yummy apple bread sundae.


It was picture perfect and I didn’t really want to leave. But we had to.

Brandon suggested we should pick up some apples on our way out of the quaint little town head back home and make some homemade apple pies.



Which is exactly what we did. Except we didn’t just make one apple pie. Who knew that 9 pounds of apples would make 2 apple pies (a traditional, and a dutch apple) 4 large apple turnovers, and a ginormous crock pot full of apple butter.


Brandon helped me peel, core and cut up all the apples. It was super fun being in the kitchen with him! And let me mention to you we have 5 different varieties of apples, handpicked for us by one of the employees at the little apple stand we stopped at. He knew exactly what apples would work perfectly in an apple pie! The apples included pippins, rome beauties, old fashioned, granny smiths and golden apples. Here is the wonderful recipe I used for my homemade crockpot apple butter and it was delish! I could eat it by the spoonful, yum.


  • Apples, peeled, cored, and cut into large sections. (enough to fill your Crockpot to the top)
  • 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups packed brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1/4 tsp ground cloves
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp vanilla
  • 2 tsp lemon juice


  • Fill Crockpot with prepared apples.
  • In separate bowl combine and stir, granulated sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and salt.
  • Pour sugar and spice mixture over apples.
  • Turn Crockpot onto low and cook apples for 10 hours. After first 1-2 hours gently stir in the sugar mixture to coat the apples.
  • After 10 hours take lid off and stir. Your mixture will be very dark and cooked down by about half the capacity of your Crockpot.
  • Stir in lemon juice, and vanilla.
  • Taste your apple butter for sweetness. You can adjust accordingly to your taste by adding more sugar if needed.
  • At the end of the cooking time, use an emulsion blender to smooth the apple butter.
  • Spoon into clean mason jars, and cover tightly with jar lid and ring. You should eventually hear that ‘pop’ (approx 1/2 hour after jarred) that tells you that the mason jars are sealed and airtight! Be sure to leave room at the top of the jar if you are planning on freezing.

a3 a4

This recipe made about 7 (200 ml) mason jars full of apple butter.


This makes for the cutest little gift. And if you know me, and you are super lucky, you may just be receiving one  :)

Cool Giftables For Kids!

Monkey Lights

I’ve got some super FUN gift ideas for you parents out there! These gifts will be under my tree for my kiddos and I thought I’d share with you these neat, different items that your kids are sure to love!

The first item (pictured above) is called M210 Monkey Lights by MonkeyLectric — The M210 Monkey Light is a rugged, practical, high performance bicycle light that keeps you visible in all weather conditions. The M210 bike light straps to your spokes and displays fun and colorful 8-bit graphics on your spinning bike wheel. Show your style with cutting edge themes designed by the company’s electronic artists. 10 full color, ultra-bright LEDs provide nearly 360 degree visibility. 19 themes and 16 colors with hundreds of combinations. Hub-mounted battery keeps wheel balanced. Lasts up to 40 hours on 3 x AA batteries. Made in the USA. $39.99;

Tic Stac Toe

Second we have Tic Stac Toe (a unique twist on Tic Tac Toe) — The world’s favorite game of X’s and O’s goes extreme in this exciting version where 4 in a row on any level wins! Place one of your pieces on the game base or on top of any piece that’s already been played. Stay alert for opportunities to get four-in-a-row. It can happen in ANY direction (vertically, horizontally or diagonally), and even across different levels. Features 66 high-quality 2″ playing pieces. For two players, ages 8 and up. $19.99;


Marshmallow Orbball

And lastly the Marshmallow Orbball — Marshmallow Orbball is a NEW twist on a classic game. The soft foam exterior of the Marshmallow Orbball offers a sure grip for increased spin, while the hollow core increases throwing distance with super speed. The Marshmallow Orbball is light, aerodynamic, and throws just like a football with extreme accuracy. Master the spiral. Unlike a football, the Marshmallow Orbball can be thrown to curve through the air. Something a football just can’t do. Learn and master the Orb curve ball. Marshmallow Orbball is designed for all weather and can even be played in water. $14.95;

I have to admit, I let my kiddos open this one early, and this Marshmallow Orbball provided hours of great outdoor entertainment for my kids (and most of the other kids on our street). Um, yes please! get them off those video games and outdoors again!

Hope this gives you a few different ideas for your kiddos this year! Happy December 1st!

Friday Favorite- Dr. Cocoa Products For Children

You may find it strange that I’m including children’s medicine in my Friday Favorites post. But I just LOVE these products made by Dr. Cocoa so much, that I knew I had to share. No better time then the current time to share about this too, as cold and flu season is unfortunately upon us. But rest assured Dr. Cocoa products can help. And they can help without the fuss and tears that usually come with giving my kids cold medicine. Can any mom’s out there relate?


My boy woke up one day a few weeks ago feeling not-so-great. I gave him a dose of the Dr. Cocoa Cough+Cold  (trying it for the first time) and I was in absolute shock that he didn’t complain about the taste of it! Usually it is such a fight to get my kids to take medicine when they really need it, because they can’t stand the taste of it. But the most important thing is Charlie said Dr. Cocoa helped him feel A LOT better and it worked pretty fast.


Charlie loved this stuff so much that he asked me that next time he needs to have it, if he can pour it over vanilla ice cream (they are not joking when they say that Dr. Cocoa has a true chocolaty taste that kids love, it’s made with 10% real cocoa for a REAL chocolate flavor). Of course, I don’t advise it, but it just shows you that even my 9 year old boy gave this stuff a great review!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL for natural medicine, and I will continue to use natural medicine such as essential oils, but sometimes you just need a little something more and I truly believe that Dr. Cocoa is just that.

Also, GOOD NEWS to children who are  gluten-free so is Dr. Cocoa! Its also dye and alcohol free as well. Dr. Cocoa comes in three formulas: Long Acting Cough Relief, Daytime Cough+Cold Relief and Nighttime Cough+Cold Relief.


You can find Dr. Cocoa products at It’s also available on the shelves of all major food, drug and mass merchant retailers nationwide. For more info please visit or to connect with the brand, visit

Disney On Ice- Interview With Skater Brittany Fullgrapp


Disney On Ice is coming soon to Orange County and we couldn’t be more excited! I remember going to Disney On Ice when I was a little girl and being absolutely fascinated with the lights, the sounds, the skaters. Oh the skaters. I swore to my parents that I would one day be a professional figure skater. I would watch Kristi Yamaguchi and Nancy Kerrigan in the Olympics over and over and over. Really, Ask my mom if you don’t believe me! I was crazy about ice skating. I’d beg her to take me pretty much every weekend. She did. And I even took a few lessons. And I realized it’s a lot harder then they make it look on tv!

Disney11 Disney12

These skaters make it look effortless out there on the ice, wouldn’t you agree? I recently had the privilege of chatting with Brittany Fullgrapp of Disney On Ice. She’s one of the many talented skaters in the show. She plays the character of Alice from Alice and Wonderland.


Isn’t she adorable?

Brittany’s been skating since she was a little girl- she’s been skating for 19 years now! WOW. She comes from a family of figure skaters and has known from a very young age that this is what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to skate competitively and eventually that turned into a Disney career. Brittany skates in 12 Disney On Ice shows each week and loves the performing, traveling, people she meets along the road and the lifelong friendships she’s made with other fellow skaters who become family. Brittany says the most challenging aspects to her skating career are of course the falls, but this girl has a strict practice schedule to keep up on her game. Brittany is a hard worker, has drive and determination and if you go out to one of the Disney On Ice shows this season, you’ll be sure to notice that in all the skaters. They simply amaze me.

Disney On Ice and Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt have teamed up this year to bring us an awesome show and also to renew our focus on nutritious food choices and well-being. The ‘MAGIC’ of healthy living. Their hope is to promote active, healthier lifestyle choices for children and families everywhere. What a great example we have to follow by watching these athletic, graceful skaters. It inspires me, and I’m sure so many children out there!

Stonyfield hopes to help families stay active, eat well and have fun and that’s what the ‘magic’ of healthy living is all about! Hope to see you at the show friends!

PHOTO CREDIT: Feld Entertainment


Disney On Ice is coming very SOON! I’ll be taking my family for sure, and now I’m super excited to offer you a chance to attend the show as well! I’m giving away 2 weekday vouchers for ONE lucky OC Family reader. Enter under this blog post  telling me what your favorite Christmas cookie is!! Winner will be choosen on Friday 11/21/2014 via and notified via email. Good luck!

(Please note: vouchers are good for weekday shows, excluding Friday nights. Vouchers MUST be exchanged for tickets in advance of the performance at the venue box office).

Coming to the Honda Center 12/16-12/21/2014.

Tickets are on sale NOW!

Click here to purchase:

and enter code MOM14 at checkout to receive a family 4 pack of tickets for only $80!



Disney On Ice

Living Life One Day At A Time

My life has been nuts lately.

I’m not going to go into a long rant about the craziness of my life, but I want to share that I’ve been feeling an urge from God telling me to “stop, and be STILL”. Simply “REST”. Appreciate sweet, simple moments. STOP the worrying.

It wasn’t until a sweet friend came over a few weeks ago, that I actually took this feeling seriously. I’m telling you God spoke through this friend, and I listened. I realize I’ve been doing too much lately and some things had got to GO! I cut out a few things and feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders… Sweet, sweet relief…

I’m taking more time to appreciate the small things in life that had been passing me by oh so quickly.

Taking the time to do crafts with my kids and enjoying every second of it.

Taking time for MYSELF and doing the things I love. I haven’t picked up yarn and a crochet hook in over a year. I love crocheting so much. It brings me peace. It allows me to create beautiful things for others that I pour my love into. I took this photo while watching my boy at hockey practice Tuesday night. I put down my phone (well, other then taking the pic of course) and was simply present.

My hubby and I lit a fire the other night- It’s finally cooled down enough here in OC that we were able to. We put the kids to bed, and just talked and enjoyed eachother’s company, while sipping a glass of red wine (naturally).

Now that the weather has been so beautiful, we’ve been living outside. Park time, playing hockey, throwing a ball around. Whatever it may be, I’ve been loving it. Today Ciera found a rollie-pollie in our front yard. She was ecstatic! Just watching the joy radiate from her made me beyond happy. It was really a sweet sight. Simple pleasures in life. The small things. That’s the important stuff.

Cutting the unimportant things out of my life has given me the chance to do more of one of my favorite things in the world- BAKE! I mean can you believe I’d even neglected this from my life? It makes me happy to create desserts. It makes me happy to give them away to others.

And of course I’ve been spending more quality time with the ones I love the most. Just remembering to be PRESENT and live life one day at a time. Not worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is just too short to worry. I feel like in this season of my life God is teaching me to simply trust in HIM. I always knew this was the right thing to do, but I’m trying my best to really make this my reality. Because let’s face it- in the end everything is going to be okay, and I don’t want to be too caught up in an unimportant, busy “life” to let these sweet moments pass me by.

Matthew 6:34- “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself.”

Psalm 13:5- But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.

Friday Favorites: A Belle For Christmas

I recently watched this adorable Christmas movie with my kiddos “A Belle For Christmas”

I know, I know it is a little early but in my opinion it’s never too early to get in the Christmas spirit :) Right? Actually this movie would be great for anytime of the year, but it does take place during the holiday season and that’s why I want to tell you about it. A Belle For Christmas is such a sweet, feel-good, heartwarming movie for the entire family to watch.

My kids and I cozied up on our couch together and watched it. It was so nice to just sit and relax and watch a movie that makes you feel good! The movie stars Dean Cain, Kristy Swanson, Haylie Duff and Jet Jurgensmeyer.

It’s a sweet movie about a Father and his two children trying to make it through their first Christmas together after the loss of their mother. A sweet new puppy (Belle) enters the picture who ends up helping to heal the pain of their loss. Of course you have a little action and drama in there with their Dad’s not-so-nice-new girlfriend, but I don’t want to give away too much.

I highly suggest you add this movie to your Christmas list- actually have it be one of those gifts that you let the kids open early, surprise them and make some hot chocolate and snuggle up for a fun family movie night. Start a tradition! This is for sure going to be one of our go-to holiday movies (have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Christmas movies? I really do)

I had the privilege of interviewing one of the stars of the movie 9 year old Jet Jurgensmeyer. Here’s a little bit from our interview, some fun facts I learned about Jet:

Jet is only 9 years old! (he turns 10 this November), he started acting when he was 4- wow! Hes an only child. He knew he wanted to be an actor after being on stage, singing and playing guitar some of his friends had suggested to him he might consider a career in show business. On his free time, outside of acting Jet loves to play basketball, soccer, sing, spend time with his parents and friends and visit his family’s farm out in Missouri where he rides horses and 4 wheelers.

Among his favorite actors to work with are Dean Cain and Kristi Swanson. He says that Dean loves to play and joke around with him- he falls for his jokes (even repeated jokes) every time! Jet would love to go to college one day, he definitely plans on continuing his acting career but mentioned that he’d like to write scripts, direct and produce one day. He also has a dream that one day he might play professional basketball. Who knows?! It’ll be fun to follow Jet’s acting career. This little guy is so so talented and a perfect little gentleman. Jet- I’m honored to have talked with you and I wish you continued success in life!

Go on out there friends, pick up this DVD, order dinner in and have a cozy movie night with the fam!


Disney On Ice, Coming SOON!

Disney On Ice is coming very SOON!

Coming to the Honda Center 12/16-12/21/2014.

Tickets are on sale NOW! 

Click here to purchase:

and enter code MOM14 at checkout to receive a family 4 pack of tickets for only $80!



Disney On Ice

Friday Favorites- Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

Normally I would not promote buying cosmetics as a gift. It’s just too hard. You don’t know what colors people like, whats going to look good on them, etc…

Well, today I want to talk to you about a product I’ve fallen in love with- Younique’s 3D Fiber Lash Mascara.

We all wear mascara, right? Let me tell ya, I’ve tried them ALL! I’ve tried out the super expensive brands- NOT satisfied with any of them, kept searching for more. I’ve tried the cheap brands- same story… the search continues.

I met Julianne Mahoney at a Harvest Festival I attended and discovered this mascara for myself. At the time I met her, she had one eye done in the mascara and one eye sans mascara. The comparison was absolutely unbelievable. I knew had to have this stuff. This product sells for $29, which to me, is well worth the price after seeing what they do!

I’ve been using this product for about a week now, and the transformation is incredible! I’ve even gotten a few compliments on how long my lashes are (which really, they’re not!)

Take a look at some pics (sorry for the not so great quality- these were taken myself, in my bathroom, super early in the morning while getting ready for the day. You’ll get the idea!)



The process of achieving these lashes is a little different then a typical mascara. You may have noticed in my photo above that the mascara has 2 tubes included in the cute little black case that it comes in. Step 1 to the process is applying the “transplanting gel” (aka: normal mascara) apply this as you would normal mascara. Step 2: apply the “fibers” which let me mention to you, these fibers are made out of pure green tea fibers, apply these fibers to the ends of your lashes- you’ll notice immediately how these fibers add instant length to your lashes. Step 3 apply the transplanting gel again over the fibers to “seal” them in. That’s it. Your done! It’s a pretty simple process. And the results are almost false-eyelash like. TRUE story, this stuff makes a noticeable difference!

*I’m definitely not a model, ha* But really? I mean look at that! That’s pretty incredible for my almost non-existent eye lashes.

Ok, now I’m having a little too much fun!

I think this product would be great for the beauty/cosmetic lover in your life (we ALL know that person!) Sisters, mom’s, girlfriends. This product really is giftable to pretty much anyone who wears mascara!

Check out this product and more great items from Younique

Contact Julianne Mahoney to order, or set up an online party to earn discounts and free product.