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Get Your Life Back Too

A little over two months ago I joined a new gym, Orange Theory Fitness. My intent was to stop in, introduce myself and write a story about their new location. When I arrived, I was greeted with a front desk full of smiles from Joe to Anthony to Jessica. They welcomed me with open arms as I begin asking questions about their workout facility. They started telling me about their upcoming six week weightloss challenge and I decided what better way to get my life back post two babies (or should I say toddlers), then to start working out a minimum of three days a week! Shari just reminded me too that I had to experience the workout to truly write about it. I mean it’s like writing a story about being a Mom, when you don’t have any kids!

photo 1

Over the last 2 months, I’ve seen quite a transformation. Based on their 5 zone monitored heart rate training, you can walk away from a workout feeling accomplished because you can see your results after every workout (and they email them to you!). Every workout for me included an over 500 calorie burn, intense heart rate workout along with endurance, strength and weight training. Plus having that really energetic coach there with you every step of the way was definitely a motivating factor.

photo 5

Anthony, is the only male trainer at the gym and his workouts are brutal. In a good way. You are always pushing your body to do something different which does allow for that transformation. Shari, the head trainer at Orange Theory Mission Viejo is also top notch. We always had a great example to watch and strive to be like. They always instruct you on the best form and also give you a alternative exercise that is less challenging as well.

photo 4

Do that 8 times real fast… I chose the alternative exercise. What can I say, she’s amazing.

photo 5 photo 3

I trained under 3 more trainers as well and they were all amazing. I can only say great things about all of them. They care about the people that attend their classes. They want you to succeed and feel accomplished, but they definitely push you too. No pain, no gain.

Another awesome attribute of Orange Theory is the socialization. I was able to see the same people during many of my workouts. You’re really cheering each other on with high fives during and after that challenging hour.

Let me introduce you to Dan. This guy, whether he knew it or not, motivated me tremendously. He was there every single day (I think he may have missed 5 workouts in 6 weeks), but I could count on him being there working hard. Seeing him there reminded me to keep pushing and remember why I started.

photo 3

35.6 lbs lost with a total body weight percentage of 13.3%. Now that is dedication and hard work. AMAZING!

photo 2

Yes, Dan is the winner of the 6 week challenge, earning himself $2500. I can’t think of a more deserving person to take home the cash. Here’s Shari & Joe presenting him with his winnings.

photo4 - Copy

The fun doesn’t stop now. We are currently in 12 days of Christmas workouts. After each class, the coaches pick one MVP out of every class for a prize drawing at the end of the 12 days. Plus every time you attend this month you can enter your name in a drawing for a free Go Pro camera. So let me tell you about the awesome special this month. For just $49 dollars you can get 4 classes or gift someone the gift of fitness. What are you waiting for? You too can get your life back. Tell them Jen Broas from OC Family sent you!

Orange Theory Mission Viejo

26012 Marguerite Parkway, P
Mission Viejo, CA
(949) 335-7600



Get your Kids in the Kitchen

I had the privilege of attending the Kids in the Kitchen event at Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo, Orange County’s premier health club. This class is offered as a part of the club’s Kids World facility: This program is a safe stimulating childcare environment for children 6 weeks-12 years old. They run the Kids in the Kitchen program once a month. The afternoon cooking class is designed for kids ages 3 to 12.

photo 1

The afternoon was so fun for the kids. They had all of the ingredients laid out so the kids could just dump them in their bowl and begin working on mixing them by hand.
photo 2

My little one is somewhat of a neat freak, so it took some prodding for her to dive in and get a little dirty.

photo 3
Then it was time to lick the bowl…

photo 4

While the chocoloate chip cookies were in the oven, they activity directors read to the kids and it was soon time to divy out their baking masterpieces!!

photo 1
photo 3

They made two recipes. Next up was the apple turnovers.


photo 5
Their Executive Chef and Sous Chef were so great wtih the kids and I even learned a few little baking tips.

photo 5

Aside from this event the Renaissance ClubSport in Aliso Viejo is all sorts of amazing. For members, you receive 3 free hours of Kids World every day! This gives parents the opportunity to go workout, go to the spa or have a drink on the patio. They have a workout for every type of person on site with expert trainers, not to mention the olympic size lap pool. I didn’t want to leave.

Check out their schedule here and make a point of checking out the Renaissance ClubSport in Aliso Viejo. There really is something for everyone, we can’t wait to go back!

Renaissance Club Sport
50 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, Orange County, CA 92656

(949) 643-6700 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting



Go West Young Man … in a 2015 Cadillac!

That was the slogan for Cadillac back in 1966 and here we are in 2015. Cadillac has come a long way.

photo 12

It has been one (very long) week since I sat in the seat of a brand new Cadillac SRX. Renick Cadillac in Fullerton set me up with a new ride for the weekend. As I drove off, I joked that I might not come back or I might come back Sunday with a trade-in for them. I was quite surprised how attached I grew to my sweet ride for the weekend. Let me walk you through some of my favorite features.

photo 13

Let me start by saying I have driven some nice German autos in my life. So I can say from experience the Cadillac SRX is SOLID. And I really mean solid. I felt safe and the drive was tight. Great steering connection and great brakes, not to mention all of the amazing safety features that are built into this amazing auto.

I am a very busy Mom and business professional along with running my own business. The weekend I had the privilege of driving the Cadillac, I was driving from Mission Viejo then to Fullerton for an event and then we had to prep for our son’s 2 year old birthday. That meant a trip to Party City and  Baskin Robbins (you know the drill) and then back home to Mission Viejo. All the while dealing with the reality that my little baby is growing into a toddler. He’s not a baby anymore! But that’s a different blog post…

photo 2

While driving, if you crossover into another lane or switch lanes without a blinker whichever way you’re moving to the left or right, your seat vibrates to warn you. Then if you are driving too fast and you are closing in on the car ahead of you (not that I would know about that), you will also feel a vibration in your seat and the dash will flash red to warn you that you are approaching too fast. Plus, there’s the awesome backup camera and warning sensors. The SRX truly did a lot of my thinking for me! And trust me, I need just one more brain throughout my day.

photo 15

Now let’s move on to the CUE system. In a nutshell it’s a responsive touch-screen technology. It integrates your smartphone or iPod with your vehicle controls. I’ll be honest I just touched the surface of the capabilities of this first-of-its kind technology and I loved what I saw. It has a 8-inch LCD touch screen which highly resembles a smartphone, making it really user friendly. CUE included navigation, which is a must for me. Doesn’t that look amazing?

photo 5

The interior of the vehicle was gorgeous and well done. I’m super picky when it comes to looking at the inside of my car and the Cadillac SRX surpassed my highest expectations. Call me silly, but one of my absolute favorite features was the ginormous (yes, that is a word) sunroof. Wide to begin with, it even opened over the back seat of the vehicle, allowing the littles to get some of their own vitamin D. It’s the little things … or in this case, BIG things, that really matter.

photo 4

Do you want to invest in a Cadillac SRX for yourself? Here’s the best part. This amazing crossover SUV starts at just $37,605. Anyone can afford a Cadillac now! I’d highly recommend getting down to Renick Cadillac and test driving one for yourself. Tell them Jen Broas from OC Family sent you!


Renick Cadillac

1100 S Euclid St, Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 888-4503 
General Sales Manager – Joe Patterson
email –

Disney on Ice Giveaway

As I mentioned in my last post, we cannot wait for Disney on Ice to arrive at the Honda Center. I want to make two more people just as happy!

I have two weekday (excluding Friday night) performance vouchers to giveaway! These vouchers are good at Staples Center, Citizens Business Bank Area, Honda Center OR Long Beach Arena. Vouchers MUST be exchanged for tickets in advance of the performance at the venue Box Office. Additional details below!

To be entered into the contest for the two vouchers: Please post a comment telling us which Disney character you are most excited to see!  Winners will be selected by on Friday, November 21st, so you have plenty of time to select your seats for one of the venues. Please make sure you can attend one of the performances before entering the contest.

Here are the available venues and showtimes which the vouchers can be redeemed. For adjoining seats, additional tickets can be purchased when redeeming the vouchers.

Staples Center: Wed 12/10 @ 7:30pm, Thur 12/11 @7:30, Fri 12/12 @ 11:30am

Honda Center: Tues 12/16 @ 7:30pm, Wed 12/17 @ 7:30pm, Thur 12/18 @ 10:30am & 7:30pm, Fri 12/19 @ 1:30

Citizens Business Bank Arena: Thur 12/25 @ 6pm, Fri 12/26 @ 11am & 3pm

Long Beach Arena: Wed, 12/31 @4:30pm, Thur 1/1 @ 6pm, Fri 1/2 @ 11:30

I hope you win! Good Luck!

Congratulations to Vanessa who’s taking home the vouchers!

Tickets on sale for Disney on Ice!


Presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt


Our family cannot wait to attend this years Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate production! Tickets are now on sale and Moms keep reading, I have something special just for you!

Disney brings more than 50 Disney characters from 16 beloved Disney stories together in the Southland for one colossal party on ice!  This fun-filled show features a magical montage of celebrations, holidays and festivals from around the globe set to a blend of contemporary music and favorite Disney songs. Disney on Ice is coming to Staples Center, Honda Center, Citizens Business Bank Arena and Long Beach Arena in the month of December through January 4th. Check out all the dates and the best locations for you. There is something for everyone!


Rumor has it that this year Disney goes Frozen. How many little ones would like to experience that moment? Who am I kidding, I WANT to experience it.


And a fabulous Chinese New Year celebration included. To check out locations and ticket prices, click here! OK MOMS, here it is. Get a family four pack of tickets for just $80 using offer  code: MOM14

See you on the ice!

Orange is the New Black

Orange Theory Fitness has found a new home in Mission Viejo. I decided to drop in this week and see what the buzz was all about.  Let me tell you this is not your average go to the gym, do your thing and leave kinda gym.

At every session, there is a certified trainer instructing and motivating you but that’s not all. Each person gets a heart monitor that hides under that sports bra (or t-shirt) to gather data. As you are working out, according to that days workout by the trainer, you can watch your progress on the screen. You see your heart rate and number of calories being burned. It’s as if you can see your fat melting away as you work out and YOU have control of it.

Backed by science, here’s how it works: The physiological theory behind the Orangetheory workout is known as “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption,” or EPOC. By providing you with a heart-rate monitor and POD, they can monitor your 5-zone interval training sessions that they call the Orange 60. During the 60-minute workout, you will perform multiple intervals designed to produce 12 to 20 minutes of training at 84% or higher of your maximum heart rate, which translates to Zones 4/5. This program design produces workout “afterburn” effect, which is an increased metabolic rate for 24 to 36 hours after the workout. Burn an average of 500 to 1200 calories every workout!

Now I have to ask, could you use an extra $2500? Starting Monday October 13th they are having a weight loss challenge for 6 weeks. The winner takes home $2500 not to mention prizes along the way.  So get in there and sign up. Tell them Jen from OC Family sent you and workout for free the first time. Joe, the studio manager or any of the staff can get you setup. They are all awesome.

I loved the fact that I could see my numbers, I felt the workout, I left with tangible results and I was held accountable by the trainer. Orange IS my new favorite color!

26012 Marguerite Parkway Suite P
Mission Viejo, CA92692

(949) 335-7600

New Store in OC – HE is greater than i

There’s a new store in town. Newport Beach is home to the new Orange County location of HE>i or He is greater than i. To say that I am thrilled is an understatement. I have been sporting a HE>i sticker on my vehicles for about the past 4 years, but the purchases have been made online from Hawaii. Let me introduce you to their story.

He is Greater than i was birthed on the North Shore of Oahu in 2003. While trying to think of something clever to put on the main screen of a Nokia phone, the ‘>’ symbol seemed to stick out. John 3:30 (from the Bible) came to mind. It says, ‘He must become greater and greater; I must become less and less.’ The phrase ‘HE>i’ stuck on the phone for a few days and rapidly caught on amongst their group of friends. It was then that they decided to print up some shirts and stickers with the logo on it. The rest is history.

They have two stores on the island of Oahu and the Newport Beach store is the first Mainland location! Isn’t that awesome they chose Orange County? This is also their largest location with an amazing storefront right on PCH. Their mission is to celebrate God’s greatness by creating quality products, inspiring thought and conversation, and providing creative and relevant options in the marketplace for those who wish to express their faith. I must say they are doing a great job of upholding their mission.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mikey, Store Manager and Kai today. They welcomed me into their store as if I’d known them for years. Some of their products include stickers (of course), beach towels, board shorts (Hurley quality), tshirts, tank tops, hats and even onesies. Oh and they have more, so you must go to the store.  They’ll treat you like a good friend and if you’re lucky, you can snag one of these spots behind the store. VIP treatment!

Here are a few more sneak peeks of their options:

They have a beautiful store, with a great message and it’s full-on family friendly. I of course couldn’t leave the store without my own purchases. Hubby requested the black on black hat. And the littles love their new shirts!

Their Grand Opening in Newport is August 2nd! You won’t want to miss this. I hear some special music is in store and the Hawaiians themselves just might be flying in. You can find them online here as well as on Facebook and Instagram @hegreaterthani You will be in good company with their 11K followers and I’m one of them.

Go see them and tell them OC Family Mom Ambassador Jen sent you! Aloha!

2505 W Coast Hwy
Monday – Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM
Closed on Sundays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Year’s Day

Walk on Water Giveaway

I have always been a water girl. Swimming before I could walk, competing on swim team and platform diving (which scared the daylights out of me). Water has been a part of my life in the form of lakes and rivers since growing up in Oregon. I learned how to waterski on Crescent Lake thanks to my best friend Carrie and her family cabin right on the lake. When I moved to Orange County, the water form shifted to the ocean. It was much scarier for me after having a not-so-good snorkeling experience at Shark’s Cove in Hawaii. The fear which I thought had gone, resurfaced rapidly. I managed to do my share of body boarding although the thought of getting caught in a wave caused me to hyperventilate. My husband and I also were certified at Shaw’s Cove in Laguna Beach to scuba dive (which scared the daylights out of me), but we were able to dive in the Sea of Cortez and Cabo, which was beyond fascinating.

With all that being said, I’m back in the water this time paddleboarding! I have been consistently boarding on Lake Mission Viejo with SoCal Paddle Yoga. See my latest yoga moves?

Ok, I’ll be honest, that’s not me. I’ll probably never get to that point, nor do I desire to do those moves on a board. Here’s me…

I’ve been taking the Paddle Fitness class. It’s a great core workout and you really strengthen your balance skills. If you love yoga, there are some great classes for you as well. The morning visits to the lake are so peaceful and serene. It could be because I’ve left my two children under the age of 4 at home with my awesome husband, but the sun on my face and water under me brings a sense of balance to my life.

Now let’s talk about balance. If you think doing yoga or workouts on a paddleboard would be too challenging, think again. The boga yoga boards that SoCal Paddle use are really sturdy and you have to work to fall off (which I have never done). The classes are an hour long working your entire body, strengthening your core muscles and so much more. Not a member of Lake Mission Viejo? That’s ok! The benefit of buying classes with SoCal Paddle Yoga is that you can take classes with them without being a member of the lake. Win win!

Kelly Huck, who oversees SoCal Paddle Yoga has this to say about paddleboarding: You don’t have to be an athlete, surfer or yogi to stand up on water. We are giving away one free hour paddle class on Lake Mission Viejo to one lucky reader. Please leave a comment below on why this would be perfect for you!

Check out their website for their upcoming classes: and they are on facebook too!

Winner will be chosen by on Friday June 27th at 5pm. Good luck! AND THE WINNER IS #3 JACINTHE!


Walking with Dinosaurs and Kids

I have learned many things from being a Mom. One thing in particular that I am constantly reminded of would be to see things through my children’s eyes. You know those moments I’m talking about. The first time a child finds their Easter basket or meets Minnie Mouse. Or even something as unremarkable as allowing them to pick their own flower or hear a dog bark for the first time. All those moments are extraordinary for a child and they should be for you too, as you watch their eyes light up.


Recently we went to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana for the sneak preview of Walking with Dinosaurs, The Arena Spectacular. This event performs at the Honda Center for eight performances September 3rd – 7th. We had the privilege of experiencing a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex, up close and personal.


I’d highly recommend attending this event if you have children. The critics have called this show ‘awesome’, ‘spectacular’ and ‘breathtaking.  This updated production will showcase changes to the dinosaurs based on the latest scientific research including the likely feathering of some species. Worldwide, more than eight million people have seen this show in 243 cities and over 2,000 performances.


Ten species are represented from the entire 200 million year reign of the dinosaurs.  The show includes the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the terror of the ancient terrain, as well as the Plateosaurus and Liliensternus from the Triassic period, the Stegosaurus and Allosaurus from the Jurassic period and Torosaurus and Utahraptor from the awesome Cretaceous period.  The largest of them, the Brachiosaurus is 36 feet tall, and 56 feet from nose to tail.  It took a team of 50 – including engineers, fabricators, skin makers, artists and painters, and animatronic experts – a year to build the production. It is going to be quite the show and you don’t want to miss it!

Click here to find tickets!

Date Your Daughter {Giveaway}

Before we became parents, my husband and I talked a lot about the role he as a father would play to our children. We know the importance of a father and a mother in our children’s lives, but know the role of a father is of utmost importance to both, especially a daughter. Now if I can get serious on you for a moment.

Did you know that children with fathers who are involved are:

  • 40% less likely to repeat a grade in school
  • 70% less likely to drop out of school
  • More likely to enjoy school and engage in extracurricular activities

Did you also know?

  • 43% of US children live without their father
  • 90% of homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes
  • 71% of pregnant teenagers lack a father

Unacceptable statistics. There is no denying a father’s role in the home is important and very much needed. But I would like to focus on the Father / Daughter relationship.

My little girl loves her Daddy and with good reason. He is a great dad, an involved dad and to be quite honest, the fun parent. We know this relationship will shape so much of her emotional stability, her self-confidence and how she views men. I recently purchased a book for him, which is a must read for all Dads. Mom, if you are reading this, go buy it for Dad! The book is called Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker, MD. I happened to buy the 30-day challenge, so he would be hands-on daily with her instead of just reading a book by himself for the next 30 days. It’s been a huge blessing.

A father’s relationship with his daughter will shape how she views men, how she relates to men and even haw an impact on her relationship with God. We as a family make sure they have Daddy / Daughter dates and she loves them. She can’t wait to get dressed up and have one-on-one time with her Daddy. These little dates mean the world to her and I see the relationship growing and growing each time. She knows her Daddy loves her and values her.

I get all warm and fuzzy when she wants to share everything with Daddy. From wanting to tell him that she fell down and scraped her knee when he was at work, to showing him the dress she is wearing and her “Frozen” hair (the Elsa braid).

I feel so strongly about this relationship, that I’m personally hosting a giveaway to one lucky reader. I’m giving away a Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters 30-day challenge book by Meg Meeker, MD and two coupons for FREE Rita’s Italian Ice in Mission Viejo. This will give one lucky father a chance to have a Daddy / Daughter date with his princess. But if you don’t win, please take your daughter out for a date anyway, even if it’s just the park.

To enter, leave a comment telling me about your little girl and her Daddy. I’ll pick a winner at on Monday, March 24th at 5pm.