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By Shelby Barone

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Anaheim Ducks CHOC Night

A couple of weeks ago was CHOC night at the Anaheim Ducks game. My two boys are proud to be CHOC kids, and were honored to be a part of this special event. CHOC has been an important part of my children’s lives with Andrew’s Eosinophilic Esophagitis, and Tyler’s Neutropenia. Tyler has had bone marrow aspirations, and gazillions of blood treatments at the hospital. The doctors have done an amazing job at getting him healthy, and able to be in school.

Would you believe that this was my first hockey game? Well…yes it was. I could not think of a better was to see my first Duck’s game, than at CHOC night. My children got to interact with other CHOC patients, doctors from their clinics, and the Duck’s team themselves.

Wild Wing was super sweet with the kids, and even helped Tyler put his shoes on the right feet. (He is known for wearing his pants, and shoes backwards)

Andrew went onto the ice for the national anthem with other CHOC kids.

Then came Tyler’s part. Tyler came onto the ice for the ceremonial puck drop. It brought tears to my eyes when he was given the puck. Every night for his entire life, he has been given GCSF injections. He has had to get his blood drawn every week, numerous surgeries, and hospitalizations. The little guy has gone through more than any child should have to experience, and yet he does it all with a smile on his face. I will never forget the times when he had to get an IV put into his head at CHOC, or holding him while he recovered from bone marrow operations. He always keeps a positive attitude, and never lets his illness get in the way of him enjoying life.

After all the excitement, we enjoyed watching the hockey game.

Andrew and Tyler ended the night with an interview about how CHOC has impacted their lives. They were superstars, and did a great job!

Thank you CHOC, and the Anaheim Ducks for a special event! It was a day my children will hold in their hearts forever.

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