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Jennifer Broas

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A Resolution Without Regret

Happy New Year! Out with the old and in with the new. Have you made a resolution?  For some it represents a gym membership and losing that unwanted baby weight. For others it represents self-development and taking up a new or forgotten hobby. Maybe it’s just one word that you’ve selected for the year to represent a positive change. Whatever it is, pat yourself on the back. Implementing resolutions take courage and the step into the unknown can be uncomfortable.

My resolution was easy to decide upon. Though I certainly need to get to the gym and make sure I continue my personal hobbies, I’ve selected not one, but two words to define my year.


As I stare into the big brown eyes of my two littles, ages one and three, I see an opportunity to teach, shape and mold their tiny hearts into the grown-ups they will quickly become. I am sometimes guilty of hurrying them through their day, just as I have done for years with my own. I race around in the morning to get everyone ready and then I’m checking to-do’s off my list because I’ve filled my calendar up with one too many appointments or errands, not to mention scrolling through Instagram while I’m at stoplights or texting business information to colleagues.

I recently received an email to one of my FOUR email addresses which I could have hurriedly scrolled over. I instead chose to read it because of the title: My Child Cannot Kiss a Moving Target. It was an encouraging yet stern blog written to remind us busy parents to BE PRESENT. {Insert getting kicked-in-stomach sound here}.

I understand the heavy responsibility of bringing up your children to the best of your ability whether you are a work outside-the-home Mom or work-from-home Mom. It’s doubly overwhelming if you’re a perfectionist like me. It’s time to let go of the perfectionism and BE PRESENT. They don’t care if the trash is dumped or the laundry is done. When you are with them, they want YOU.

So it is taking some planning and reorganizing of to-do’s, but I’m putting my best foot forward. When I am with the littles, I am PRESENT. They don’t see me staring at my iPhone or running around the house like a chicken with my head cutoff (that happens when they go to bed). We have also implemented one-on-one Mommy-Child or Daddy-Child dates so they enjoy uninterrupted time and we get to BE PRESENT.

Here is my daughter beaming before she left the house for her Daddy-Daughter movie date. She wanted to get dressed up and couldn’t wait for her time alone with her Prince. The time he spent with her was priceless. Before you know it, the tiny stage will have passed by. Don’t miss those teachable moments because you are hurrying through life. Don’t miss that first, which will soon become the last. Most times the laundry, the cleaning, the social media, the rat race can wait. Your children need you and you will never regret making the decision to BE PRESENT.

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