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Carrie Braun

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79 Days

Change is the only constant.

We’ve had lots of change in the Braunalicious house over the last few months- new jobs for me and hubby, starting school for the oldest, and an explosion of words and assertiveness from the toddler.

One thing that hasn’t changed: the scale.  Absolutely no change in either direction.

This sobering revelation occured the other day when I accidentally clicked the “Weight and Measurements” iNote instead of the “Trader Joe’s Shopping List.”  The note opened and I saw my exact current weight staring back at me, hovering just below the note’s creation date of “79 days ago.”

I was woefully unprepared for that moment, though it shouldn’t have been a surprise. I get on the scale almost daily.  I knew exactly what I weighed.  I just didn’t remember that it’s exactly what I weighed 79 days ago.

“Well, at least you haven’t gained anything,” a friend said.  She’s right, but that statement is ignoring what I HAVE done over the last 79 days.  I’ve gotten up 5 mornings a week at 5am to sweat so hard that if I sit all the way back in the seat on the car ride home, it’ll be soaked.  I’ve weekly trudged three miles around a local lake with my fit, police officer sister. Hiking 2.5 miles with the toddler straped to my back is a rest day.

What’s obviously missing from that list is my committment to eating healthy.  I’d like to say that this lack of change is an anomoly since obviously I’ve been consuming glutenfree-paleo-whole-vegan foods in quatities befitting a supermodel.  Not the case.  I’ve been eating with a diet lacking in common sense and self-control, focused more on immediate craving than long-term success.  Which makes all the exercise that much more frusterating- with a moderate diet, think of what could have been accomplished.

It’s an opportunity of forced reflection, a mini crossroads.  I can’t help but notice the correlation between my lack of progress and my lack of blogging.  Not that blogging directly causes weight loss, but the consistent reminder of progress allows for adjustments on a regular basis.

So it’s back to blogging and food journaling.  Time to stop asking, ‘what SOUNDS good?’ in the moment, and plan ahead for what I know is good for my body.  It’ll be a deliberate return to thoughtful eating.

I’m promising myself that 79 days from today, I won’t be able to say that nothing has changed. What November 6 will look like, I don’t know.  One thing I do know- I will be different than today. Better.  Smarter. Fitter.

79 days.

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