45 Points of Light

45 things I’d like to reflect on as I begin my 46th revolution around the sun:

  • 1.  Have you all seen this YouTube video about just how insignificant we really are? I wouldn’t have even put a dent in the Milky Way traveling at light speed, yet.
  • 2.  I liked FaceBook during this election year because it brought something new to the table besides food, exercise, First World Problems, animal loving, armchair coaching. That said, as much as I appreciated learning a ton on both sides, I did not appreciate the personal attacks that occasionally arose. It’s perfectly okay to de-friend those people.
  • 3.  I think the toughest thing I’ve had to accept as a father is that: (a) my kids are not me and (b) they aren’t necessarily going to learn from my mistakes and resulting wisdom.
  • 4.  I’m finding most spectator sports too boring with too long of seasons, especially baseball.  As a result, I prefer high school prep sports.
  • 5.  I’m learning how to reduce my FB and keep certain connections where they belong: Twitter, FB group-only, email, texting. You should, too.
  • 6.  Owning two kittens (I rescued them) is much easier and enjoyable than owning a dog…until 5:30 a.m. when they run their motors by your head, stick their butts in your face and demand the same breakfast your dog is demanding at that same ungodly hour. Then I hate them equally.

Every morning…

  • 7.  Desk-jockey injuries may be more painful than exercising injuries.
  • 8.  Ibuprofen is the duct tape of the human body.
  • 9.  It’s much easier coming up with a new idea than it is finding the right set of people to help make that idea a reality.  If your gut tells you someone’s embellishing their contributions, they probably are and you’ll discover it quickly.
  • 10.  Despite knowing that t.v. is a huge time-waster and sucker of creativity, I cannot bring myself to cancel my service. I know this is one of the main roots of our society’s failure to advance.

Between Walking Dead and Call of Duty, I’m pretty much screwed.

  • 11.  Having love is better than having convenience.
  • 12.  People will pass on before their time.  It sucks and it’s never easy. And someone else is next. So be sure to embrace the friendships you have.

  • 13.  Judging people drives a wedge between you and them. Giving them grace is a lot more peaceful and gives you a better disposition. That said, a good anger outburst at the idiot driver is cathartic and makes for a better drive in the long run.
  • 14.  Proper rest makes you more productive both physically and mentally.
  • 15 – 45.  Nobody wants to read 45 of anything…

Happy Living,



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