Losin It With Carrie

By Carrie Braun

Losin It With Carrie

Dear Me 10 Years Ago:

Last weekend, you and your husband ran a 5K together.


Okay, stop laughing.

I know you’re 275 pounds and barely able to walk a 5K, much less run one.  But something is about to happen to you.  You are about to start putting yourself and your health first.  You are going to learn how to make better food choices and get that aching body moving.  You will lose a lot of weight, and find yourself.  You will fall in love with running, and sprint through Disneyland at 11pm on a Friday evening in January.

Really, with the laughing again?  Let me tell you about yourself that night.  You picked out your running oufit a week in advance and laid it out to inspire you through the last week of training.  The evening of the 5K you suited up, slipping on both your appropriately snug gear and a confident attitude.  You strolled through a practically empty Main Street at Disneyland holding hands with your husband, shook your booty during the pre-race dance party, toed the Neverland Family 5K starting line, and took off running.

You ran every single step of that race.  Pacing yourself as you took in the sights- running past Small World and through Toon Town, by Thunder and Splash Mountain.  You passed the water station halfway through without stopping because you didn’t want to break your stride.  You reveled in the cheers of the spectators snaking between Disneyland and CA Adventure.  You were one of the few who kept running up the big hill toward Tower of Terror because you had trained on hills and knew that you were capable of conquering it.

As you neared Paradise Pier and the finish line, your pace quickened and your arms pumped.  You pushed yourself just enough to finish breathing hard, still panting as you slid your finisher’s medal over your head.

You did it.

Speaking as yourself a decade later, I can tell you that your journey towards a healthy weight is not done.  You still have a way to go- a lofty goal this year, in fact.  But today, you are a better you than you were 10 years ago.  And I am proud of you for taking that first step that led to this place.

So congratulations 10 years in advance.  And to the next 10 years, may you bring the truthful and honest light that brings to reality a healthy body, healthy relationship with food, and a healthy and beautiful soul.

With love,

Carrie 2012

Thanks to everyone who supported me in training for the runDisney Neverland Family 5K- my running buddy husband, my family who watched the kids countless times while I ran in circles, and my friends and readers for your neverending support and encouragement.  Your support and confidence propelled me toward the finish line.

Here’s to the next 5K…and then maybe a 10K?

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