First World Problems

One of my favorite new memes (pronounced “mimi”) is what’s known as “first world problems” (aka “my rough life”). You know memes best as the LOL Cats pics with captions that get passed around or remember when Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift and then all those spoofs came out about Kanye interrupting historical figures to tell them something was “the best of all time?”

This is my favorite Kanye meme…’of all time!’

Now we have #firstworldproblems. These are hilarious because you can check your Facebook or Twitter pretty much at any time of the day and read about someone’s FWP gripe. The picture at the start of this post is a great example. All the good FWPs have a picture of someone crying or in some despondent state with a caption that reads something like, “I wanted the iPhone 4s, but I couldn’t stand in line all day or I would have missed my nail appointment.”  Or, “my parents bought me a brand new car, but it doesn’t have an iPod jack.”

Or this one…

I’m sure somebody intended these to be a commentary on how egocentric our culture is. And who are we to dispute it when we only have to look at reality shows to see how detached people are from what really matters.  That said, these are also just a fun way to poke at ourselves considering everything that’s going on in the world and serve as a humorous reminder that we sometimes lose perspective of what really matters in life.

So I thought it would be fun to list some of my favorite FWPs I see (or paraphrases of them). So here goes with a picture to accompany them for effect…

  • “FaceBook is free, but they changed their format again…” ~Half the FB population last month
  • “Uuugh! Out of gas, my phone is dying, & I left my morning shake on the counter. ” ~Brooke Burke (model/host) Oct. 11th Tweet
  • “My favorite episode got pre-empted by the World Series. I don’t like the teams that are playing.”
  • “I don’t have to work for a living. I have to drive my kids to practice and then go to the store right after.”
  • “The office internet is down…I have to check FaceBook on my iPhone.”
  • “I went to get my usual latte and coffee cake at Starbucks this morning. They were all out of coffee cake.”
  • “I held the door for someone. They didn’t say, ‘thank you.’”
  • Seriously. People actually post this kind of stuff all day. I don’t mind because it allows me to post sarcasm bringing me a little levity after a long day at my desk.

Okay, I have to close with one of my favorite FWP memes:

Now tell me one of your favorites, or one that you use.

Happy FWPing


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