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My 7 best pieces of advice for parents going through a divorce

If you have gone through a divorce, you know how life shattering the process can be. Not only on you but if you have kids it can be equally devastating to them. Though I’m not a professional counselor, I do have the wisdom of someone who has come through a divorce and lived to tell […]

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Jenelyn Russo

Five Wins Away

  Hello Game 7, my old friend. You’ve come to haunt the Ducks again. As I sat inside Honda Center watching the Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks play in Game 7 of the Western Conference Final on Saturday night, there were moments early on in the game, particularly after the first period, with Chicago (more […]

Marcie Taylor

Sassoon Style Make Over

As any busy mom can tell you, good hair days are sometimes hard to come by. Too often we just end up pulling our hair back in a ponytail and calling it a day. We are sometimes lucky to even WASH our hair. Come on, you know it, and I know it. A blow dry? […]

Sparking interest in history is a tricky business

I want to be the kind of mother who teaches her kids things about the world: what types of plants we see in the neighborhood, the history of a particular artist or author, the location of the constellations and the Greek myths that inspired their names. Once in a great while, I manage to be […]

Alisa Newman

Monster Jam coming to Anaheim Feb. 7th!

My husband Brandon and son Charlie went to Monster Jam an Angel’s Stadium over the weekend and had a blast! The trucks were awesome, and did so many cool tricks. Both of them were just in awe. They came home raving about the show and wondered when we could all go back- they loved it […]

Jennifer Broas

Get Your Life Back Too

A little over two months ago I joined a new gym, Orange Theory Fitness. My intent was to stop in, introduce myself and write a story about their new location. When I arrived, I was greeted with a front desk full of smiles from Joe to Anthony to Jessica. They welcomed me with open arms as […]

Elaina Francis

The Perfect Holiday Mother-Daughter Date

  One of the greatest pleasures upon finding out I had a daughter on the way, was imagining all of the sweet mother-daughter dates and traditions my future held. As my daughter, Rosey, approaches three, we’ve reached an age where we can finally indulge in some sweet outings, make memories, and form traditions. The holidays […]

Hollie Eisenman

Crafty Holiday Traditions

The holidays always make me feel a little craftier, and now that the girls are three, I’m having a lot of fun starting family traditions! On November 1st, I created our third annual family thankful tree. Everyone was assigned a colored leaf and each day, we all put one leaf on the tree, to share […]

Michele Whiteaker

Home Exchange Gives Families Travel Options

Home exchange gives families travel options and might be the perfect solution when it comes to budget and place to stay. My friend’s family swears by it. They’ve already travelled to Sedona, AZ and Kauai on home exchange vacations. All you have to do is become a HomeExchange.com member for $120/year (no risk 14 day free […]

Debbie Lavdas

Why FBT’s Nutcracker is the Mother Ginger of them all! Shows Dec. 12-24.

Before you know it, Festival Ballet Theatre’s Gingersnaps will be popping out from Mother Ginger’s skirt, a bevy of Snow will be elegantly dancing across stage, and the iconic white-gowned Clara will be dreaming of her Nutcracker Prince. FBT truly does the Nutcracker like no other in OC. Perhaps I’m biased, as my girl has […]

Kara-Noel Lawson

7 Ways Small Children can Save the World

Kids can make a big impact on the environment in a positive way. Even small children. And to make a big impact, you don’t have to do big things. So here is a list of 7 ways small children can save the world! Check out the complete list and activities here. I’m not brainwashing my […]

Allison Huke

Teeth Whitening at Newport Center Smile Design

I recently looked in the mirror and noticed that my teeth are not quite the shade of white that I remember or want them to be. And I show my teeth – a lot. I’ve been called “horse teeth” on more than one occasion. I don’t even mind anymore. I embrace my huge smile, but […]

Darlynn Morgan

News You Can Use! Mom Fashion

Ever wonder… “What jewelry should I wear with this outfit?!?” And then not wear any because you can’t decide? That’s me. In fact, every year for Christmas, I kid you not, my assistant buys me jewelry to encourage me to wear accessories! But check out this guide from ultra-hip Xpecting, a Lifestyle Boutique for moms. […]

Carrie Braun

Round Three: When is Enough Enough?

When is enough enough? The answer to ‘when is enough, enough?’ is easy most of the time. At least when it comes to things like running and See’s Candy, ironically two of my favorite things. My body usually tells me when I’m a mile or Scotchmallow past comfortable.   But when it came to planning […]

Rally Monkey Mom

Unlikely Champion

I didn’t go to Boston to watch baseball. It was hockey that drew me to one of my favorite cities last month, as TD Garden and the Boston Bruins played host to the Anaheim Ducks on Halloween night. But as timing would have it, the night I flew in, October 30, was also Game 6 […]

Disneyland Locals

Catch this Sneak Peek at the new Buena Vista Street

Buena Vista Street might be the sleeper hit of the 5-year expansion of Disney California Adventure. The new entrance and “main street” of Disney California Adventure feels like a romanticized 1920s Los Angeles — the LA that met Walt when he first came to California. I was able to catch a sneak peek at Buena […]